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Mar 17, 2012 10:24 AM

Recent cowboy ciao experiences

Anyone been there recently?

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  1. Last time I went there during fbr weekend we had a very average meal - but out of all the times I have been there that was the only time I would say it hasn't been excellent - so I would chalk that up to an off night and still highly recommend them - my personal fav is the korean bbq short rib they do

    1. In town visiting. Odd experience. Went with a group, which people kept adding to so it got too big and was split up. Overall really bad food. Ordered a big variety- short ribs, tuna, scallops , shrimp and grits, various salads. Drinks took around 30 min and several were off (1 leaf of mint and no lime in mojito, for ex.). Tuna inedible, beet salad dressing missing, grits lukewarm and congealed fast, just cheap ingredients. Corn nut-crusted scallops, which were just ok, sort of sums up the aesthetic. Table was difficult- several oldish aunts, but this place was nowhere I'd ever go back to. Maybe peaked a while ago? Misordered? Oh yeah, I had the duck sausage kale stew, served with burnt crostini and missing salt. And no spoon.
      On the flip side, had an amazing meal at Olive and Ivy a couple nts before, Med salad, margarita pizza, sea bass.