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Mar 17, 2012 08:47 AM

Le Crueset inner feels like sand paper-help!

Hi! I have a large round le crueset enameled dutch oven. Over the years, the inside has browned, but it has always been smooth to the touch. While Grandma visited, she cooked spaghetti in it and burned the inside bottom pretty bad. It felt rough where the meat had burned, so I decided to give the whole inside a good cleaning with easy off. I let it sit for a few hours. Nothing. So, I heated it and then sprayed it on. The inside wiped partially became lighter brown, but...the inside feels like sand paper now. :( I then tried the following:

barkeepers(what I usually clean it with)
boiling vinegar and baking soda, scrubbing
boiling laundry detergent and water, scrubbing

After doing the above, it became cream colored on the inside, but the inner still feels like sand paper, and every time I use it, the food sticks to the rough inner.

I just want my smooth surface back so I can use it without the sticky issues.

HELP! Thanks in advance.

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  1. There is nothing can be done at this point. Clean Off, or Bleach will do just this. You can still cook like this, but you will not get back the glossy surface.

    Realistically speaking, you have only two options:
    a) live with it, and continue to use it.
    b) get a new one

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Bleach I know can dull the finish if used in too strong of a concentration or too often, but oven cleaner was designed to be used on porcelain enamel which is the same thing the interior of LC is made of. Many people have used oven cleaner on LC without ruining the enamel. Doesn't make sense it would make the interior rough.

      1. re: blondelle

        Good point. Still, once the surface has been roughed up like sandpaper, I don't see how it can be reversed back. Heidi probably is left with the same options: (a) stick with it or (b) buy a new one.

    2. Hi, Heidi:

      First, a question: Does it feel like *fine* sandpaper, or *coarse* sandpaper? Or, can you see actual texture in the bottom, or is it just matte?

      Either way, I think this is bad news. I think Gran toasted the enamel. You may or may not get more use out of it, but it will never be smooth, and if it is *coarse*, it will eventually flake off in the area of roughness.

      Don't feel too bad or be too hard on Gran, this happens. I still haven't replaced my 9Q that Wahine toasted a few months ago.


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      1. re: kaleokahu

        Thank you all for your responses. It feels like very fine sand paper. Cannot see the texture, you can just tell that it is not shiny, so yes, does look matte. I can cook with it, but maybe just for boiling water or deep frying as the new surface really seems to soak up stains and burns easily now, so no more stews or braising. :( I guess I will have to look into buying another one...