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Mar 17, 2012 06:51 AM

What are my chances of dining without reservations?

First time visitor with plans for a Sunday thru Thursday trip in May. I have made reservations for Scarpetta one night but would prefer to just eat on the fly the rest of the week. Most likely to dine either late lunch or early dinner 5:30 or 6. Places that I'm leaning towards are Roy's; Table 10 or one of the buffets. restaurants at Paris look interesting but probably require reservations, Any advice?

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  1. You won't have any trouble getting into Roy's 5:30'ish during the week. They have some good happy hour specials in the bar area. Are you dining alone or will there be a group? If you are alone/couple most places will be able to get you a table early in the evening without reservations. If you were looking for Friday/Saturday it would be tougher.

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      Thanks. I'll be solo some meals as I'm sure DH will have a hard time pulling away from the casinos.

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        Here is one thing to keep in mind any time that you are without DH - Las Vegas is extremely user-friendly for solo diners because of so much convention traffic. You can get full menu service at the bar at most of the better restaurants, and that can offer make for a more fun experience.

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        5 of us went to Roy's far off-strip for dinner with no problems walking in on a Tuesday at 7 pm. I don't think it's as good as Roy's used to be, though. I had the bibimbap and it was lacklustre. The free fried dumplings were tasty, as were the free spicy edamame. Our server was terrific even though we stated we were tired and heading straight to the airport and not that interested in a full meal.

        You would likely get into Lotus of Siam or Hot 'n' Juicy Crawfish, too, off-strip, with no problems.

        We also had a late lunch no problem at China Poblano in Cosmopolitan hotel. It was half empty on a Monday around 2 pm.

        We also had not much of a wait on a Sunday at 11 am for Wicked Spoon buffet at Cosmo.

        I'd say you'd also have no problem at Bouchon at Venetian on a Saturday around 5 pm when they open. However, it wasn't as great as everyone claims. Fairly standard bistro fare, not "Thomas Keller" calibre.

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          I go to LOS for lunch or early dinner with no reservations with no problems all of the time.

          Eating early dinner at almost place without reservations isn't a problem I've found. I've done the on the fly deal plenty of times over the years. Especially if you're not going to be picky about table location.

      3. we went to Table 10 on Christmas Eve 2012(4pm) prior to Jersey Boys show @ 6:30 -walked right in and got a table along w/ happy hour prices on apps and drinks. Food was great, esp. lobster spaghetti and ice cream sandwich dessert. Most Vegas diners seem to prefer later dinners, so early arrivals seem to have an easier time getting tables on the fly. Coming from the east coast,with the time changes, earlier worked better for us w/ the time change. Enjoy your visit!

        1. thanks for all the responses. It's been helpful especially since I now have a few more places to research that weren't on my radar. I hadn't even thought of checking out Thai food which I really enjoy, now I will.