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Mar 17, 2012 06:07 AM

Want to create a non - chocolate molten lava cake, ideas and advice please

Was thinking of a cheese lava,
Possible method 1) cream cheese, yogurt, xanthan gum
Possible method 2) cream cheese, yogurt and agar. Use the agar to to firm the cream cheese and yogurt. Then when baking, the heat from the oven will cause the agar to dissolve so cheese flows.

Will any of these method work? How much of each ingredient? , temperature to bake at? How long? Any other ideas?
Thanks guys and gals

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  1. This is an interesting question. I would tend to go in another direction -- freezing creme brulee, cutting it in rounds, and placing frozen rounds in the cake batter. With the cream cheese route, I would mix the cream cheese with some powdered sugar (and maybe zest), and roll it into truffles, placing a truffle I to each cake before cooking. I'm not sure if the center would become liquid enough before the cake over bakes. The sugar would help make it more liquid, but there would be a concern of over sweetening. The time will depend on the size of your molds and the ratio of cake to filling.

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    1. re: maxie

      Pretty sure it would be a solid cc centre since cc does not flow at room temperature. Maybe some yogurt n cc freezed like yr brulee idea might work? Yogurt has a lower viscosity but it might just get absorbed by the cake....

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        A lava cake usually doesn't flow at room temperature. It is served warm. You need something that will be loose when heated but not separate. I'm not sure why I'm wary of the yogurt - no logical reason. If you have non stabilized cream cheese available (like Gina Marie, not Philly) and add some powdered sugar, it will be pretty loose. (but again possibly too sweet).

    2. Try doing this, with your favorite cake recipe:

      It'll be molten when it's hot but I don't think you'd want it to stay molten when it's cold or it'll ooze out of the cake. If you do want it oozy, add fluff instead of the sugar to the cream cheese.

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        Thanks for the suggestion, but what's fluff?

        1. re: keepquiet

          What's fluff!?!? It is this horribly wonderful marshmallow goo that you get to put on ice cream or in a peanut butter sandwich for a fluffernutter sandwich.

          You'd find it in a grocery store with the other ice cream sundae toppings.

      2. I am not a chemist but feel as if something peanut butter themed ought to work. Melty PB is the best.

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