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Mar 17, 2012 05:04 AM

Looking for great steaks!

Am going to NO in a couple of months. Any recommendations for a great steak house? Thanks!

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  1. What are you looking for? My favorite place for steaks is La Boca. We just went there a couple of nights ago. I like it because it's not a standard steakhouse menu. If you want that, I'd suggest Ruth's Chris or Besh Steak. There are others too, but none of that interests me anymore.

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      +1 on La Boca. Mr. John's on St. Charles is more a standard steakhouse but with a New Orleans flair. The name of Emeril's.Delmonico always makes me think of steaks, but I'm not sure if that's the case. (Never been)

    2. Mr. John's Steak House on St. Charles Avenue would be my #1 suggestion, 2nd would be
      Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse.

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          LOVE Mt. John's. High on price but a steal (gee, that's one letter away from steak!) on value. Took my boyfriend there for a special occasion. Truthfully out of my price range -- and I'd do it agin in a heartbeat

          In fact, that concept might make an interesting thread on its own...

      1. Delmonico's has an outstanding steak. Crescent City is a great place also.

        Crescent City Steakhouse @ 1001 North Broad Street, New Orleans, LA 504 – 821 – 3271.

        1. I would look into Delmonico (Emeril's), as it is a very good "steak-oriented" restaurant.

          We found the food to be excellent, though the wine service could have used a bit of work.



          1. LaBoca. All the other steak houses in town are pretty comparable hot butter joints. Of those, I like Mr. John's the best. That said, I don't go anywhere else but LaBoca for steaks. All the other places are just plain boring and expensive in comparison.

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            1. re: N.O.Food

              La Boca for the terrific skirt steak only. Both of us made the mistake of ordering the ribeye...big steak, tough, lacking flavor. No char/crust. Maybe it was just us. No complaints from the pups that got nearly an entire steak in the go box.

              Mr. John's or Besh Steak for quality beef. Besh Steak also has excellent turtle soup.

              The ribeye at Emeril's flafship is fabulously tasty, marrow butter will do that. Ask for extra.

              I've not been, but have heard good things about Chop House in the old Cuvee space.

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                Bummer to hear Jazzy. I don't think I've tried the ribeye, but every steak I've had there has been fantastic. We usually choose from the skirt, flank, flap, and hanger. Those cuts are just so much more flavorful than others. FYI, I get a ribeye at every other steakhouse.