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Looking for great steaks!

Am going to NO in a couple of months. Any recommendations for a great steak house? Thanks!

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  1. What are you looking for? My favorite place for steaks is La Boca. We just went there a couple of nights ago. I like it because it's not a standard steakhouse menu. If you want that, I'd suggest Ruth's Chris or Besh Steak. There are others too, but none of that interests me anymore.

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      +1 on La Boca. Mr. John's on St. Charles is more a standard steakhouse but with a New Orleans flair. The name of Emeril's.Delmonico always makes me think of steaks, but I'm not sure if that's the case. (Never been)

    2. Mr. John's Steak House on St. Charles Avenue would be my #1 suggestion, 2nd would be
      Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse.

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          LOVE Mt. John's. High on price but a steal (gee, that's one letter away from steak!) on value. Took my boyfriend there for a special occasion. Truthfully out of my price range -- and I'd do it agin in a heartbeat

          In fact, that concept might make an interesting thread on its own...

      1. Delmonico's has an outstanding steak. Crescent City is a great place also.

        Crescent City Steakhouse @ 1001 North Broad Street, New Orleans, LA 504 – 821 – 3271.

        1. I would look into Delmonico (Emeril's), as it is a very good "steak-oriented" restaurant.

          We found the food to be excellent, though the wine service could have used a bit of work.



          1. LaBoca. All the other steak houses in town are pretty comparable hot butter joints. Of those, I like Mr. John's the best. That said, I don't go anywhere else but LaBoca for steaks. All the other places are just plain boring and expensive in comparison.

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              La Boca for the terrific skirt steak only. Both of us made the mistake of ordering the ribeye...big steak, tough, lacking flavor. No char/crust. Maybe it was just us. No complaints from the pups that got nearly an entire steak in the go box.

              Mr. John's or Besh Steak for quality beef. Besh Steak also has excellent turtle soup.

              The ribeye at Emeril's flafship is fabulously tasty, marrow butter will do that. Ask for extra.

              I've not been, but have heard good things about Chop House in the old Cuvee space.

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                Bummer to hear Jazzy. I don't think I've tried the ribeye, but every steak I've had there has been fantastic. We usually choose from the skirt, flank, flap, and hanger. Those cuts are just so much more flavorful than others. FYI, I get a ribeye at every other steakhouse.

            2. My friend had the steak at ROOT and it was fantastic. It's pretty trippy and experimental otherwise, though, so probably not what you're looking for. But FYI.

              1. Mr. John's really lives up to the hype. Thanks all for the recs ... I had it in my head that the place was tourist-centric ... it might be--a little--but the steaks really are damn good.

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                  I've never thought Mr. John's was touristy.

                2. La Boca is definitely my favorite, but as other posters noted, it is not your typical steakhouse and they serve different cuts.

                  New Orleans Chophouse is my new favorite traditional steakhouse.

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                    Is Charlie's on Dryades still going? I used to frequent the place and it certainly had a great New Orleans vibe.

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                      We went late last summer. It may not compete with the big steakhouses but everyone was happy with their meal and the service for the eight of us was very good and very friendly. I gave it a high rating on the cost to result scale.

                  2. It's not a steak house but I had a great filet at Cafe Atchafalaya a few months back. It was worlds better than the one I had at August. It was a special that night so I'm not sure if it's something you can get off the menu or not. It was served with bacon/spinach/crawfish rice which was delicious.

                    1. If you want a traditional steakhouse steak place, then Mr. Johns is the best option. Maybe the best steak I ever had. If you are willing to be a bit adventurous, then La Boca is the place to go. Last, if you want to feel like a local, go to Charlie's. The first two are better though.

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                        The great New Orleans vibe and pretty good steaks at Crescent city on broad has always been a favorite of mine

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                          There really isn’t anything wrong with the steaks at Crescent City, but there’s sides are abysmal. They really need to upgrade from the canned products.

                      2. In this order, my favorites are...

                        1) O'Brien's Grille - It's on the Westbank, but it's worth the trip. It's the best steak I've ever had and the best BBQ shrimp too.
                        2) Mr. John's
                        3) Ruth's Chris
                        4) La Boca

                        1. Mr. John's is the best steak I have ever eaten, period. Do NOT eat Ruth's Chris. If you are in a city like New Orleans and you eat at ANY chain restaurant you should be kicked in the shin. Seriously, why would you even consider Ruth's Chris?

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                            Well, the Ruth's Chris here is the original one, yes? But Mr. John's is definitely the best.

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                              You are partially correct. The original location, on Broad St. has closed. If the original were still open I would still recommend Mr. John's. I have always found Ruth's Chris to be a disappointment.

                          2. You've got hot-butter steak joints, of which Mr. Johns is the best, and then you've got La Boca, which is in a league of its own. That's about the size of it.

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                              I order mine without butter at Mr. John's and it's terrific. Hot plate, hot butter keeps cooking the steak.

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                                I guess I’m the only one who was disappointed with La Boca. I thought the skirt steak was terribly fatty. I know it’s a fatty cut, but it was too chewy. it should have been tenderized more. The sauces were fine, but they seemed more like a novelty than anything else.

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                                  well, i had a disappointing experience as well, some years back. they overcooked my (MR) kobe but didnt want to fix the problem. was a big hoopla. havent returned since... tho i am warming to the idea again. (get it? warming! i kill me...)