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Mar 17, 2012 04:48 AM

Chinese restaurant - Ft. Lauderdale

I'm looking for a non touristy restaurant (one without umbrellas in their drinks) that has fairly decent food.

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  1. Silver Pond on Rt 7, just south of Oakland Park Blvd in an unholy strip mall. (Isn't everything around here?). Excellent Hong Kong style Seafood House. The greens are never on the menu, might be the best dish. The giant oysters are great. Ask your server, if you don't look too caucasion, you might get the specials recited. In the plaza is a fabulous homemade noodle joint, and a BBQ with revered ducks hanging in display. Prices are moderate, food off the charts.

    Eat well!
    BTW, the Mandarin Palace on Cleary Blvd. west of Pine Island is a hole in the wall takeout with solid food.

    1. Silver Pond always garners high praise. I have not been because I can't tear myself away from Hong Kong City BBQ - basically across the street.

      See more info in previous posts

      "Szcheuwan/Cantonese chinese restaurant 'near' Aventura"

      Authentic Chinese in Broward Co. area?

      1. Thanks Ken and CF. Looking into options and working up an appetite.

        1. We wound up going to Hong Kong City BBQ and enjoyed the meal. The food was very good and the waitstaff friendly. Thanks for the help.

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            Some pix from a recent visit to Hong Kong City BBQ.

            Ahhh I miss the days when I worked on W Cypress Creek Rd, about 10 mins from here. Lunch was something to look forward to every day!

            Here we've got 3 dim sum dishes... one of my old "American" favs Kung Pao chicken (the best around)... and the BBQ view as you walk in!

            1. re: CFByrne

              Nice! I still say Hong Kong City has the absolute best BBQ Spare Ribs I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.