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Great Sushi Chef Documentary Coming to Kendall

next week it seems, in case you didn't see the Globe article about it:


I've told and emailed all the info about it to Junji san at Sushi Island; those of you friendly with sushi chefs might like to tell them about it; a rare experience for them to enjoy a film about such an honored practitioner of their profession............

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  1. This looks fantastic. I checked the website but couldn't find a date for Boston. Do you know where and when it is playing? Itf it is not in the area, it looks so fantastic that it might be worth a road trip (a little closer than Tokyo). Thanks!

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      my google search said kendall, starting next wk or after. but that was not from a kendall site, so i need to check further.

    2. Coming to Kendall on April 6th. I have a few friends who promote the Boston Asian-American Film Festival and this is on their radar for getting a little promo.

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      1. Saw a preview for the film at the Coolidge Corner Theater last weekend. Nothing on their website yet in terms of dates.

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          Hmm... I just checked the website and it says the Coolidge Corner Theater is playing it on April 13th. I can't wait; the director actually came to my university for a pre release screening/discussion and I completely missed it so that date is a must see for me.

          1. Thanks for the link, OC. Looks really good!!

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            1. Just off the phone with the theater in Kendall Square. They said it will be playing 4 times a day for 7 days starting April 6th. Also mentioned it would be playing somewhere in Brookline and Glousceter at the same time. Can't wait.

              1. granolaguy and i saw this documentary in thailand last month. it was interesting and i would certainly recommend it. funny (or not so funny) that one could see it in bangkok before boston. i imagine that in boston they probably won't make you stand before the show begins while the national anthem plays (with accompanying video montage of the king).

                an interesting side note: the king of thailand was born at mt. auburn hospital in 1927.

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                  gg, i LOVE learning that. The Thai king and queen have a most unusually revered spot in the hearts of their people, which explains why you ee their portraits in every Boston Thai restnt.

                  Here is a link to the segment of Tony Bourdain's Tokyo show that is about Jiro:


                  zy, thnx so much for getting that detailed info. Junji san should be able to make it to one of those showings.

                2. Belmont World Film is having a screening Thursday, March 29th at the Studio Cinema on Trapelo Rd., preceded by an optional "sushi and sake dinner. " They mention a talk by a sake expert from Classic Wine Imports, but nothing about the sushi. The information online also lists speakers Ted Bestor, who wrote an interesting book about the Tsukiji fish market, and Peter Grilli, president of the Japan Society of Boston.

                  I would also add that seating is limited to 100, and as far as I can tell tickets are still available. I'm sure there will be at least a few chowhounds there :)

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                  1. Whenever I read "Jiro" in a food context I just think of Ramen Jiro. Damn, now that's something they need to make a movie about...

                    1. I just saw the movie last night in NYC and am now scheming to make it to the featured restaurant during a 12-hour layover in Tokyo in June!

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                        Blumie, you may want to look at that Tony Bourdain segment. Before that, I thought to myself "hmmm, many hundreds of dollars for phenomenal sushi, but if it's a long evening, that could make sense." But apparently it's a dictated Twenty MINUTES, unless I misunderstood.

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                          Jiro himself said the meal could be 15 minutes if a customer is a very fast eater. I get the sense that it's not a multi-hour affair, but it sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience nonetheless.

                      2. In case any other chowhounds are interested, a bunch of suchi-philes I know from a get together group are going to see the movie on April 12th & then go out for sushi. Not as cool as going to Jiro's in Tokyo, but as close as we can get for now.

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                          cool. are you going to sushi island or where?

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                            So far we have been to Sushi Island, Oishi (including the most awesome cooking class from Chef Ting) and Haru's. Totally open to suggestions & recommendations. Usually it is group of 8-12 people who are all into trying new sushi places and are up for just about anything. Let me know if you have any thoughts since any input & company would be great. The more the merrier!

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                              Granolaguy and I would like to see this film again and think it would be fun to join other Chowhounders for sushi. What show time will you be at and how do we go about meeting up?

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                                Hi! They finally posted the show times. We will be going to the showing at Kendall Square on Thursday the 12th at 6:45 (probably get there about 30 minutes earilier). There are about 12 of going so it should be fun. The plan is sushi after the movie since I am sure we will all be inspired at that point. Love to have you meet up with us!

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                                  Boo! Granolaguy and I were looking forward to meeting up with you but are heading out of town early for the long weekend. Please let us know about future events as we would love to join!

                        2. Cape Ann Community Cinema in Gloucester is showing it on April 8th with an a la Carte sushi dinner available. Might be a fun way to spend an Easter Sunday


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                          1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is now available on Netflix Watch instantly