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Mar 16, 2012 10:03 PM

Best Bakery: Parker-Lusseau in Monterey

Last weekend I was in Parker-Lusseau (731 Munras Ave). The baked goods were easily the best I've ever had. EVER.

They are starting to make macarons. It's a new item for them, so you might expect that they would still be developing their recipes. But no...these macarons (lemon, passion fruit) beat the pants off the more famous makers (watch out Laduree.) The item that was the biggest revelation was the brioche roll with a vanilla custard center (all fresh with vanilla bean flecks). We also had a wonderful crusty cheese and dried tomato ciabbata that we took hiking with us. Perfect.

Look for the buche noel at Christmastime, as well.

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  1. The croissants are delicious, too. Definitely worth a detour off the main tourist path.