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Mar 16, 2012 07:07 PM


what is the difference between roasted chicken and a rotisserie chicken?

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    1. A "roasted chicken" is roasted in a roasting pan inside an enclosed oven. A "rotisserie chicken" is roasted on a spit, in a heated environment that typically provides radiant heat by means of lamps, electrical heating elements or open flame. The fluids in the roasted chicken distribute themselves somewhat unevenly, primarily in the lower portion of the bird, while the fluids inside the rotisserie chicken are more or less evenly distributed throughout the entire bird while it rotates and/or turns on a spit.

      1. what i should of said is how is the taste and texture of the two? I already knew the difference of the two....thanks any way for the def.

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          They taste similar. It's just that the rotisserie chicken will be more likely to be moist and flavorful throughout the bird, especially the breasts.