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Mar 16, 2012 06:56 PM

Bellingham: Cafe Rumba!

Hope someone will report on the new Cafe Rumba if you go. On State St., across from the Herald building. Peruvian food. Something new!

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  1. Sounds great. Can't wait for them to open.

    Thanks for the headsup!

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      1. re: laurachow

        Yes, their website made it sound like next Saturday.

        There is an article about them in this morning's Herald.

    1. It does sound good! We took salsa classes from Antonio, nice guy and good teacher.
      I wish some of these places would be open later though, we never go out to lunch, only dinner!

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      1. re: L.Nightshade

        Maybe they'll join the late night scene after they are established. They are in the right part of town for that.

      2. Thanks for the intel, LC. Will have to keep them in mind as a quick lunch place.

        Desserts seem conspicuously absent on the menu. Someone ought to tell the owner to make tres leches cake :-)

        1. We had lunch here today. Very good -- we'll be back for more.

          We had the Peruvian style pork sandwich with potatoes ($6.25) -- very nice roast pork on a french roll that had just the right crust, topped with an onion salad and a mild sauce. The potatoes were billed on the menu as "grilled" but weren't, just slabs of baked potatoes, but the mild, creamy peruvian pepper sauce was tasty. They were pretty busy, so that may have caused them to skip the grilling of the potatoes, which would have really improved them.

          The second sandwich was braised beef ($6.25). The menu lists it as "in marinara," which wasn't the red Italian sauce you might expect from the description -- it was more of the braising sauce. Kind of like a really good pot roast on a nice french roll.

          Of the two we prefered the pork roast because of the added flavor and crunch of the onion salad.

          The soup of the day was Apple and Carrot Bisque, but we didn't have that, so can't comment.

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          1. re: puzzler

            We couldn't wait more than two days to return, so we did lunch there again Wednesday.

            We had the pork sandwich (see above) again wonderful and also tried the Turkey sandwich -- best ever! Hand cut roasted turkey slices, moist and flavorful, on their great French roll. Marco (one of the owners) asked if I wanted some of their great onion salad on the sandwich, and I said of course. When I bit into it there was a scrumptious new flavor in addition to the usual peruvian pepper sauce. It had a wonderful fresh, almost mint flavor -- the menu list of their sauces includes "Salsa Huacatay - preuvian black mint sauce." They were jammed up with the lunch rush, so I couldn't ask if that's what ot was. I guess we'll have to return sometime when they're not so busy, so I can ask about their sauces.

          2. Finally got to Cafe Rumba for lunch today, so I'll report in from the vegetarian POV. My friend and I shared a tofu sandwich and a large salad. Both were very good. I thought the salad was nice and fresh and not over-dressed, it also had fresh dill that really brightened up the flavors. The veg sandwich was yummy, and I had the Peruvian yellow pepper sauce that had a nice flavor. My friend doesn't eat spicy food and I like my food hot (we go through lots of hot sauce and Sriracha at our house). The counter person suggested the yellow pepper sauce was spicy, but I didn't find it more than mildly hot. She let us select two sauces on the side, so each of us could try something to our taste which was very nice of her. Sandwich was served with two thick potato slices on the side; I basically love potatoes in any form and thought they were nicely cooked.

            Next up, the opening of HomeSkillet in Sunnyland. Can't wait! So happy to have some new food in town. Plus, The Herald had a story yesterday that Dashi is moving into a permanent location and they will expand their menu when they open. Yay!

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            1. re: laurachow

              We were down there on Saturday for the annual firehouse trainfest at the Firehouse PAC. I actually planned on a lunch at Rumba! Murphy's Law would have it that we'd be dragging our butts out the door, so by the time we got to Fairhaven it was 12:30pm and too late to hit Rumba!. Ended up with lunch at Firehouse Cafe. Well the fireplace in the cafe was nice and warm :-)