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Mar 16, 2012 05:07 PM

Yogourt (machine type) places in midtown..

Since spending some time in Florida this winter I've become addicted to "Pinkberry's" Machine Yogourt with a few basic flavours and lots of Toppings & Fruit to add on top...I've been out of the loop in we have these places? ( Midtown is my preference)...

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  1. Yup, we have plenty of Yogurty's and Menchies beginning to open or already open. I'm sure you can google and find the ones closest to you. What do you mean by mid-town, Yonge and Boor?

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      Yongeman...yah kinda.....I live in the north end of the Annex..midtown for me is south of Eglinton (kinda?) north of College (kinda)...I DO venture outside my hood...but convenience is high on my list!! Hoping that 'your' winter remains when I return next week...(see post below)..I will certainly look up both 'Yogurty's & Menchies) ...thanks!!

    2. Winter? When was winter? ; )

      Menchies is great!

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        You have Menchies. One at Yonge and Lawrence. One downtown.

        An independent place is Top it Up - at Yonge and Eglington around the 2400 Yonge area

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          Just saw a new Menchie's on York Mills and Don Mills, same plaza as Artisano, Wonder Pho, etc.

      2. The Fro-Yo revolution is well on its way. Here are the current and coming Yogurty's locations:
        Menchie's isn't as easy to display, but scroll to the Ontario locations.
        Ice Cream/Gelato/Fro-Yo wars are in full swing. There's no way we can handle all of these places, especially as they are so weather-dependent. Something's gotta give (DQ must be pretty worried).

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          Hey Folks..I'm happy to hear that...about "DQ" well it's never been one of my frequent flyer destinations, perhaps once or twice a summer although my husband tells me that the one at Pottery Road may have been renovated (when the road was fixed after the collapse) so I'll go for one or two sundaes...Gelato, pretty much a 'purist' no weird flavours for me..Blood Orange, Lemon, Coconut & Mango do the trick!!! Thanks to all for your 'input'.....

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            FYI - Menchies on Bloor and Menchies in Richmond Hill are both quite busy all year long; day and night. It is quite amazing.

          2. there's a menchies at york mills+don mills which i've been to.
            there's also one at yonge+lawrence as others have mentioned. i've never been to this location.
            there's a yogurty's at bayview+eglinton which i went to today.

            i tried two flavours from yogurty's, coconut and almond cookie. i found them to be not as creamy nor flavourful as menchies. but i've only had two flavours so it's hard to judge overall. the only extra thing i like about yogurty's is that they have malt balls as a topping.

            at menchies, i've had green apple tart+original tart. i found it to be good but too sour when i got to the end. but overall, good flavour
            second time, i had red velvet and cookies+cream. i loved these,

            toppings are very similar but i think menchies has everything yogurty's has (minus malt balls) and even more.

            i also find the atmosphere at menchies to be more upbeat, a lot more seating, brighter and more fun in general. makes you feel like a kid.

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              Menchies toppings change from location to location. I find their yogurts to be the most satisfying and flavourful. They may not taste the most like real yogurt as some posters mentioned last year, but for me I just want an awesome treat and this one is it!

            2. There's Yogurt Spoon at Yonge and Wellesley.

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                Menchies is great. We like pineapple tart and for toppings mochi, cheesecake bits and toasted coconut.
                But we like our yogurt really tart. So still waiting for a Pinkberry to open up. Although Pinkberry will not have self serve free samples.
                the other day, we saw one girl at Menchies who must have sampled every single flavour in the store.