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Mar 16, 2012 04:16 PM

Kalbi (short ribs) in south florida?

Hi! Does anyone know where I can find kalbi-style ribs in west palm beach- fort lauderdale area? I would like to make Guam-style short ribs, so I'm looking for ribs that aren't premarinated. I checked out a few Korean markets in Oakland park but didn't see any. Did I just miss them? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Try NewYorkMart in Sunrise-it is chinese market but it might have kalbei style ribs

    1. Kalbi style shortribs are just flanken cut beef ribs, you can get them at publix,(not my preference) or go to your prefered Butcher...

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        I suspect what OP is looking for is the thin slices of short rib that are cut cross-wise across the bone. Unless you have a bone saw and some skill with its use, it would be tough to fabricate those yourself out of flanken cut ribs.

        But apparently the more traditional kalbi actually uses the square cut ("English cut") short ribs, which are then sort of butterflied to get a thin sheet of meat for grilling. Here's a video ->

        You should be able to find these in most any meat market.

        1. re: Frodnesor

          I think you and Sam are saying the same thing that kalbi is basically flanken ribs (which are cross-cut across the bone as you describe). They may be tough to find thin so using a meat tenderizer to flatten them out may be in order. Never seen kalbi done with square cut short ribs but looks interesting.

          I'd look at any market ask for flanken cut ribs. If you have an Argentinean butcher near you ask for "costillas para asado de tira" which is basically "short ribs for grilling". Good luck.

          1. re: lax2mia

            That video also suggests pounding flanken style ribs to flatten them but I don't think that'll ever get you quite the same thing as the skinny cuts that apparently are sometimes called "LA Kalbi" (L2M, seems you ought to know from that). I think the butterflying technique with a square cut rib probably yields a better result than pounding a flanken-style rib, but I haven't tried either and the latter requires fancier knifework.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              You won't get LA galbi here thus the suggestion for the meat tenderizer (didn't see the video so didn't know it contained my suggestion). I'd think the best place would be an Argentine or latin butcher as this type of cut is quite common.

              All this talk about kalbi is inspiring me to rip into the frozen kalbi we got on our trip to Trader Joe's in Naples. Add some sticky white rice and kimchi and I'll be stoked!

      2. Apparently these Kalbi ribs are also known as "Galbi" ribs... a search on that found some interesting info...

        A Q&A on Yahoo with some good answers:

        And a recipe which comes from a video that also apparently features Jean-Georges: