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Mar 16, 2012 04:04 PM

South Asheville Dining

Looking for suggestions for Dinner in vicinity of Airport or South asheville, Arden, Fletcher

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  1. Do you have an idea of what you're looking for (meaning cost, ambiance, ethnicity)? Stone Bowl Korean on 25 (just north of Long Shoals) is new and reported to be good. Don't know what its ambiance is. There are the usual suspects in Biltmore Town Park - mostly small chains, some are decent though.

    Up a little farther on 25 (toward Asheville) are places like Frankie Bones and Tupelo Honey. Cinnamon Kitchen is decent Indian and a friend likes Green Tea Sushi, but I haven't tried it yet (we are Umi fans).

    There's nothing really amazing in that area though. Probably Stone Bowl would be my first choice just because it's different and people on here have said it was good (and I trust them!). :)

    Is Hendersonville a choice? It's not that far and I'd recommend West First over all of the above.

    1. scrirocco is right...that area really doesn't have a whole lot. Blue Sky Cafe ( is a good spot for casual lunch or dinner dining. I hear mixed reviews about most of places in Biltmore Park. Have been to a couple myself and they've been just okay. As was suggested I'd probably go south into Hendersonville - check out blog post by Carolina Epicurean for ideas.

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        Blue Sky has great wraps/sandwiches. I've only been there for lunch. Wasn't sure if dinner was different or not?

      2. Have to agree with the answers so far, except to say that Hendersonville has a lot of choices more than just West First. Try Never Blue (for an eclectic mix of South American/Mexican), Lime Leaf (for great Thai, maybe the best Pad Thai I ever ate) or Mrs G and Me (for classic American fare, meatloaf, chicken 'n dumplings, mac 'n cheese, etc). Stone Bowl is also an excellent choice. We know Rita (one of the owners) when she used to work at Champa. Great Korean!

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          Agreed. Ya, I didn't mean to imply that West First was the only good place to eat in Hendersonville, it's just usually my top choice (that and Never Blue). :)