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Mar 16, 2012 04:03 PM

How to Find Home Vinegar Making Supplies..

I am interested in getting my husband a nice vinegar cask (French oak, maybe?) and the kit to make homemade wine vinegar. Can anyone suggest a reputable site to shop for this?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. No idea where to find an oak cask, but it sounds very nifty. I just went to a fancy grocery store and got a bottle of white wine vinegar and one red, specifically looking for one that was organic and unfiltered and ad a trace of Mother in it. For red I use an old pickle jar with the lid just it ting on it to keep out dust and dog hair. The othe is in an Emile Henri vinegar crock, beautiful but functionally the same. Home made vinegar has completely spoiled me. It is so superior to "store bought" and ultimately a bargain, too.

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      I like those ideas! Where did you get the Mother?

      1. re: JENNYBEEAY

        I didn't go out and get mother...just found vinegar in the store that wisps in it, figuring the wisps were mother...turns out they were.

    2. Do you really need a cask? Its not like you are making balsamic vinegar. Most times I have heard of people doing vinegar at home, its just some kind of crock where you can easily add in wine when you have extra. But if you need a mother, I'd check a home brewing store

      1. Until I started sterilising everything, making vinegar was not that much of a problem while making wine at home.

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          I've been there and done that, numerous times.

          To the OP; I have a red wine vinegar mother that I discovered in a bottle of Pompeian red wine vinegar and I just refill the bottle with cheap red wine and let it do its thing in the basement cold cellar for 6 months.

        2. carries oak barrels and mother of vinegar. I've got a toasted barrel for red wine vinegar and untoasted for white wine vinegar. The wooden taps sometimes drip a bit, but I've been very pleased with the barrels.

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            That's good to know. Thanks for your help.

          2. Find a local homebrew store and they will have beer, wine and vinegar making supplies. I used to buy a lot of gear from Presque Isle but my local guy has the same gear.

            If you don't have a local shop do a search for homebrew supplies online. Failing that you can contact Oak Barrel Winecraft in Berkeley CA. They can get you anything you need and have never failed to sell me good grapes and supplies of every kind.

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              Those are helpful suggestions. Thanks for your help.

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                Has anybody tried a glass beverage dispenser for vinegar making? Target now carries some that are reasonably priced, and I keep wondering if they would work. Thanks!