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Mar 16, 2012 03:42 PM

Lot 7 [San Francisco]

Going tonight. Has anyone been and any recommendations?
They don't have a website yet it would appear.
974 Valencia St
(between 21st St & Liberty St
)San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. Went on Sunday. Service wasn't particularly attentive, but I'll chalk that up to it being Sunday around 8:30 pm.

    We ordered:

    Oysters, 4 of each. Worth sampling, though the server said the shucker was new and there were some sand bits. They did throw in a few free oysters though, because it took a while get our order.

    Seafood chowder. Flavor was excellent, good chunks and flavorful. Texture, though, was a little starchy. My guess was that it was the bottom of the pot at the end of the day. I'd like to try it another time.

    Beet salad. Very few beets. Lots of fried fritters. Would've liked it better if there were more beets.

    Mussels. Probably the best dish we had. Good flavor, tender. Wish I had more toast to sop up the broth.

    Creme brulee. Nice crusty sugar, custard was a bit too sweet for my taste.

    Pear tart. Pretty crumbly. Ok, but wouldn't order again.

    Overall, I'd return to give it another chance, but after a couple more weeks. Assuming they're working out some kinks.

    1. Wasn't really impressed with the food we had tonight and the service still has many kinks to work out. I could help comparing it to State Bird Provisions when the starters are half the price but way more interesting. Lot 7 is quality seafood comfort food at upscale price point.

      It is clear they use quality ingredients but for the size and blandness of the dishes I found the menu to be lacking.

      We started with crudo which was one of the best dishes we had of the night. It was 12 dollars for three pieces of yellowtail over avocado, with an emulsion and silver of pepper. Really beautiful pieces of fish.

      Then we had a long wait until we got seafood chowder ($7). It was great to have on a cold wet night and the seafood wasn't overcooked but it really needed some seasoning even just salt and pepper would have been welcome additions.

      Then we had another wait and suddenly all the rest of our dishes came out practically at once.

      We got the wild mushroom tagliatelle (12) which was listed as an entree but which was smaller in size and price than most of the things listed under starters. It was one of the better dishes with a nice pungent flavour from the mushroom and the cheese used but the tagliatelle seemed overcooked for my preference.

      We got the crab mac and cheese (14) which disappointing. The pasta was overcooked, the crab meat disappeared and it was all rather bland.

      The final dish was the starter sized fish and chips (14) which was what I would consider entree sized and the fish was really cooked exceptional well, light but crisp but the chips (fries) needed another cooking and weren't crisp enough.

      They only had three dessert choice and no dessert menu. They had vanilla creme brulee, chocolate mousse and I think a tart.

      We had the chocolate mousse (8) which was three scoops of mousse surrounded by cream and candied nuts. The mousse had just the right texture and consistency.

      The diners at the tables in main dining area in the back were almost all over 35 while the bar and communal table in the front were filled with plaid wearing boys and girls as the night went on.

      The decor is minimal but warm but there is no sound baffling and it was very loud with a full house.

      Our server was friendly but also seemed distracted and thought we hadn't gotten a dish that we had already received. At times he was very attentive then at other times didn't notice when we had finished courses.

      The price point seemed to be off with most starters being 14 dollars. Not sure if I would go back, maybe if I was in the neighborhood.