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food trucks

Thinking of using 3 food trucks for an engagement party...............
Dessert truck suggestions are welcome as well.
Efficiency and deliciousness are key components for me.

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  1. How fun! Congratulations!
    I love the LudoTruck...easily my favorite of all the trucks. I haven't found a dessert truck that I love, but I'm quite fond of the Palazzo Gelato truck...they have tons of flavors and the few I've tried are quite good.

    1. my very favorite dessert truck is the italian ice truck, they use fresh fruit-- mango tango i think it's called. it's spectacular if you grew up on the east coast and miss authentic italian ices. the flavor of the cherry and lemon are exactly how you remember it.

      1. I like the Flatiron Truck, Jogasaki Truck, the Lobsta truck, the Global Soul truck, and the LudoTruck. I haven't tried many dessert trucks so I can't help you there, but I really really like the grilled donut holes with spiced creme fraiche that the Flatiron Truck serves (although I haven't seen it on their menu the last 2 times I ate there at Fig & 7th).

        1. The one time I tried Ludo it took FOREVER to get the food and they weren't that busy. Maybe it was a fluke.

          Flatiron I like, Patty Wagon, Rebel Bite, Rosa Bella Cucina, Ragin Cajun. And they're food comes out quickly, there isn't a huge wait.

          I like Mango Tango as well.

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            I've usually gotten my food pretty quickly, maybe they were having issues that day? I also like Ragin Cajun! The owner is really friendly too and gave us generous samples.

          2. I like Shrimp Pimp and Egg Slut and Flying Pig. And CoolHaus for dessert.

            1. FYI, just helped plan a party where we used Greasy Wiener and they were terrific. There are lots of other good suggestions, but I thought I'd share some actual recent party experience.

              1. I think you should consider Buttermlik since they do sweets as well as savory treats.

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                  +1 for Buttermilk Truck (& the Grilled Cheese Truck and Nom Nom too).

                  1. re: wienermobile

                    Oh ya nom nom too, love their banh mi

                    1. re: LisaN

                      I have to disagree with the Nom Nom recommendation it would probably be cheaper to have Bahn Mi Che Cali cater and it would taste as good if not better.

                2. Who doesn't love a good grilled cheese sandwich? This will be your only time to get the Grilled Cheese Truck without the horrendous waits.... if you can get them that is.

                  1. Buttermilk Truck is a fabulous choice. I also love Lobsta Truck...very fresh lobster rolls. Don't forget about the Grand Daddy of them all, Kogi. For dessert, try Sweets Truck or if you just want ice cream go for Coolhaus although they are not speedy servers.
                    Ludo is s*l*o*w.

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                      I love Kogi, but they charge just to show up before food cost. For Catering Events ($1,100+). Also don't forget everyone's favorite The In-n-Out Truck.

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                        I'm surprised to hear you say that about Coolhaus. I've only hit their truck twice, but both times I was notably impressed with how quickly they produced my order. Like instantly. Like..."How did you make that custom order so fast?" -- But maybe I just caught them on a good day. Anyway...

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                          I'd suggest Front Porch Pops for dessert—you can call and have sample-size pops created if you don't want people to have to commit to a full-size paleta, and it's a small, compact cart with no prep time, so they can just stream people through the line.

                        2. Whatever you choose (I agree with Wienermobile's idea about In-n-Out because of their reputation for serving large crowds quickly....at least it's my experience)...
                          I think it's important to know ahead of time that the vendor can serve large parties, rapidly and efficiently, as you say, without compromising the deliciousness part.
                          Serving a long line of paying customers, who understand the wait is part of the deal, is different than serving guests at an engagement party.
                          Claiming, on their part, that they can serve and produce is one thing....actually doing it on such an important day is another...
                          Catering is an art and not everyone who claims they can do it, can.

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                          1. re: latindancer

                            A very valid and perceptive comment. I agree and have heard that actually In-n-Out does do the best job!

                            1. re: ibeblu

                              In-n-Out takes their service seriously, considering they have a special veteran team that goes around the country only working at new opening locations to deal with the crazy lines.

                            1. Kogi, Vizzi (great flavors with truffle fries), Komodo (fish and grapes!). Butter milk and Ludo kinda slow when we tried them. Maybe it was just overwhelmed? Shave Ice truck...might take some time too?

                              1. The Ragin Cajun ,Viking Truck are great and for dessert you should look into the Chunk N Chip or Waffles de Liege ( my personal favorite).