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Mar 16, 2012 03:22 PM

Port Chester Peruvian - Acuario ?

Anyone been there lately? Are they still good? Any other good Peruvian in Port Chester other than Misti?

5 years ago I used to go there about one a month. Since I moved to further away I've only been there 3-4 times and none in the last year.

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  1. Living Social currently has Quenas Peruvian in Harrison, $20 for $40 worth of food. It gets good reviews online.

    1. I've been there several times over the past three months. I think they are very good.

      1. We had dinner there on Friday night. The flavors are a bit different from what I remembered but still very good. We ordered the ceviche mixto, pescado sudado, tallarin saltado de mariscos and bistek encebollado o apanado.

        1. Went to Acuario for dinner last night with a friend and boy were we amazed. The restaurant was somewhat busy for a monday night, but we were promptly seated and given menus to study (we'll get to that in a minute).

          We had originally looked for places to eat on our iphones, but could only see their menu on another website because of compatibility reasons (damn flash). Anyway, I had ordered the pollo a la parilla (grilled chicken) with salad and veggies (broccoli) and my friend ended up with small ceviche (shrimp) and pollo/steak saltado (one order of each because it was a 2 for 1 special).

          The restaurant itself was beautiful. Fish tanks everywhere! So much activity/livelihood in each tank the closer you look. Seating was ok, easy to hold a conversation with others in your party as long as music isn't playing. This was one drawback. they need to look into or professionally hire someone to correct the acoustics and resonance of the speakers on the walls. Enough of this though, lets move on to food.

          Everything was great! We were served lightly toasted kaiser rolls with ahi (or something like that) sauce. The rolls were meh, the sauce awesome. The ceviche was tasty and fresh. My pollo a la parilla order was incredibly seasoned and with the ahi sauce, made it a great dinner. the pollo and llomo saltado were great as well (my buddy combined 2 plates back2back and made a respectable large dinner out of 2 of 2 meats and 1 of the rice/fries order.

          we are definitely going to return. the back of the menu has even MORE seafood, and a positive surprise (turns the menu into a longer story book). for $47 and change plus tip for the both of us (2 crystal beers the only alcohol consumed) it was an INCREDIBLE value and as said, we will both be returning to explore the menu even deeper.

          Because of it's current location, there is going to be a bittersweet moment. I live less than a mile from Acuario, but my store's moving locations from Mill st in to Greenwich ave, so I won't be able to take advantage of their weekday specials as much as I'd like to.

          I may update this with 5 stars, however it wasn't a mind blowing experience, and there were some draw backs. Acoustics like I said earlier, there was a windy draft coming from a few directions every once in a while even though we weren't near the door. Neon lights of the cooler directly next to the fish tank in the back right was displeasing to the eye. Things like this shouldn't detract you from going, this place is absolutely worth it. Might need to think of a reason to pass by port chester this afternoon...

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            Is that 2-for-1 special a regular thing, on Mondays in general, or something else? Definitely want to check this place out--thanks for your extensive description.

          2. Still one of the best, lower priced options to dine in Port Chester. Awesome ceviche, and their stews are great, too. A lot of food so sharing is recommended. We go here every few months. Everyone we take here has loved it. Their homemade sangria is good, too.

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              We love Acuario. Their ceviches are to die for. Yum. Great vibe, great food, great services. One of our favorites in PC.