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Mar 16, 2012 01:53 PM

Durum Wheat Flour in SF or North Bay?

Anyone know where you can buy durum wheat flour, preferably in the North Bay but SF would work also, thanks

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  1. Giusto's Petaluma

    1. Whole Foods (or some of them, anyway) has semolina, which is coarse durum flour.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Thanks didn't realise that it was semolina.
        Just looked at Giusto's site - which seems to suggest they are in South San Francisco . Do they have a store in Petaluma - do you know where? Looks perfect for various ingredients I need for baking Italian breads Mmmm thanks

        1. re: sonomajom

          Different Giusto's. The one in Petaluma is owned by Keith Giusto, who broke away from his family to start his own company. He has the bakery in Petaluma and Central Milling in Petaluma and Utah. I really like Keith's breads and his flours and grains are superb. I have purchased Central Milling unbleached white flour at Costco in Redwood City in packs containing two 10-lb. sacks of flour.


          1. re: Nancy Berry

            I saw 50lb sacks of Central Milling flour being unloaded at Cedar Ave. Acme and decided it's good enough for me especially at less than 60cents a pound at Costco.

            1. re: Nancy Berry

              Thanks for the correction. I meant to say Central Milling....I've had good luck with their flours including the bread flour, medium whole wheat, malted bread and "00", as well as the Costco unbleached white,

        2. In SF, Rainbow Grocery has durum (fine) and semolina (course) in bulk. Excellent price and quality.