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Mar 16, 2012 01:47 PM

Help using Knorr concentrated chicken stock?

I went to the store today to buy ingredients for a Shepard's Pie, which calls for 1 & 1/4 cups of chicken stock. On a whim, I bought the concentrated tubs of Knorr's chicken stock, but I can't tell how to substitute it. I don't work with broth/stock a lot, but these tubs are so small, don't I also need to add water? It says one tub makes 3.5 cups of stock, so... do I make it first on the stove with water and then use some of the stock? In the commercial, the chef just dumps a dollup of the concentrated stuff right into his dish. If i do that, shouldn't I also add some water?

Can anyone help? Thanks!!!

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  1. Just be aware that the Knorr's concentrated stock is quite salty if you don't dilute it. You can add it directly to your pan along with some water, but do so in small amounts and taste before you add some more. I'd start with a teaspoon and the amount of liquid that the recipe calls for. If it's too bland, add a little more.

    Of course, you could dilute it first if you are more comfortable with that and then freeze the rest of the stock.

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      Wonderful, thank you so much! I was surprised I couldn't find this basic info on the Knorr's website. Much appreciated!

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        I think it's the *Swanson* "flavor boost" chicken stuff that just has the cook stirring directly into the dish. Different company/product, but same idea! Some nice seasoned chickeny flavor.

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          I keep seeing ads for the Swanson Flavor Boost concentrated stock. There are many situations where it would come in handy. The powdered boullion is too gritty and a hassle to prepare. Sometimes adding stock makes a dish too watery.

    2. Yes, add water according to package directions. You'll have 2 and 1/4 cups of chicken stock left after you use 1 and 1/4 cups for your Pie.
      You can freeze the leftover, or use it for something else.
      Or you might be able to use only part of the concentrate -- mix with less water, of course, and refrigerate or freeze the rest.

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        Yup - I do that all the time.

        Even frozen (which is how I store mine so they have a longer shelf life) they are jiggly and you can easily cut them in half for a smaller batch.

        I love those things!

      2. You could also use it to fortify canned broth or stock. Add a couple of tablespoons of it to a 14 1/2 ounce can and taste.