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Mar 16, 2012 01:41 PM

Chinese tonight in North Jersey

We want to go out for a dim sum-like experience tonight in North Jersey. Not sure if any place does the carts in the evening but we'd settle for a place with a wide assortment of appetizers. Considering Dim Sum Dynasty, Chengdu 23, and Qin Dynasty. Anyone have some tips for me?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dim Sum Dynasty recently had a fire, so you should call to confirm.

    You can't lose at Cheng Du 23 in general. Although they have more dim sum during dim sum service than they do normally.

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    1. re: tommy

      Thanks Tommy. I did call Dim Sum Dynasty earlier, they are apparently up and running. I am going to be right next to Cheng Du 23 but the wife was looking for dim sum or at least a wide variety of small plates. Not sure if I can get that there, they look like they have a fairly standard array of apps.

      1. re: tobelerone

        Shrimp toast, sichuan dumplings, dan dan noodle, soup dumplings, spicy cabbage, ox tongue and tripe, bang-bang chicken, pork dumplings. Not heavy on the dumpling selection, but certainly not standard, and you can have a fine meal starting with that.

        Dim sum dynasty is probably more what you're looking for in this case though.

        ETA: I was going to roast a chicken tonight, but I think I'll order from Dim Sum Dynasty now. :)

        1. re: tobelerone

          I've been to Quin Dynasty a number of times for Weekend Cart Service. The manager has told me Dim sum is available throughout the week off the Dim sum Menu...lunch or dinner. Perhaps a call is in order there. I have not had dinner yet at Qin Dynasty, but I have ordered Lobster, shrimp and Whole better at Qin Dynasty, rather than at Cheng Du23 to my preference.

          I have not been to Dim Sum I cannot offer you any comparisons.