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Mar 16, 2012 01:38 PM

Fun Places, good seafood, Victoria

Hi there, We will be staying at Bear Mountain April 4-8. Were from the prairies and are looking for good seafood, fun spots for a couple to go. We don't mind a bit of a drive.

Any recommendations?

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  1. What did you have in mind for fun spots and good seafood? There's many recommendations that I could toss around but, I've never been to Bear Mountain and it's a bit of a jaunt from there ( It seems) to downtown Victoria. You just looking for fresh, funky, ethnic?

    1. seeing as it's pretty close by to Bear Mtn, chances are you'll take a drive up north over the very scenic malahat hiway (drive with care and watch for the one or two very scenic viewpoints looking over Saanich Inlet and toward Washington State (Mount Baker volcano in distance)) --- so for a slightly off-the-beaten path side trip, go to Cowichan Bay just south of Duncan, BC - and have a low-key meal at the Rock Cod Cafe

      you can't get much closer to the sea - it's a historic little village.

      There are also some winery/cider making places in the area and one of the wineries (Venturi Schulz) is also known for its fantastic balsamic vinegar.

      If wine isn't your cup of cheer, then there is a place that makes specialty salt in Cobble Hill (which is the north side of the Malahat)

      and here's a small artisan cheese business in Cow Bay

      for more info about the area, i'd suggest starting at the local gov't offical tourism website