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Mar 16, 2012 01:05 PM

estadio or razika.kid friendly?

I have reservations at both these restaurants. We are going with 8 y.o. ds and staying in Dupont circle. I realize neither is in that area but both are accessible. Which is more child friendly ? More consistent food? We went to central yesterday and it was way too noisy and disappointing quality. Ds is quiet and reads when not eating. I give him credit for trying steak tartare although he preferred dh hanger steak!

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  1. Estadio is great food, but I find it a little too noisy and night-clubby for kids. Rasika much quieter but a little boring for kids (but food is outstanding). I agree about Central, would definitely have skipped that one.

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      Ended up at Estadio. We went early, before the scene really heated up, although the noise volume was up there. DS loved his hanger steak, olives and bread, and we walked back to our hotel at dupont circle. We loved our food as well, and the drinks...