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Mar 16, 2012 12:33 PM


I have no idea long this had been the case,but it seems that Pho Yuen Dong in KamMan Marketplace is now Pho Countyrside.

Does anyone know if it is just a name change and it's actually the same folks? I liked it when I tried it many moons ago as PYD.

Has anyone been?


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  1. We went in mid October and believe they opened late Sept/early Oct.

    New owners (was told he was a marine and former cop from TX) but same waitstaff and others have said same cooks but I think not since the food has drastically improved. The new owner is very nice and when we went he didn't have his credit card machine up and running yet and apologized and thanked us for understanding.

    The food was good: pho was with tasty broth and not greasy, cha gio was good and not greasy, gio cuon was okay the pork used in it was dry beyond saving, the pork plate was quite good w/a great tasting pork chop albeit small, meatcake, and shredded pork skin (bland and they dusted with powdered meat? that resulted in a sandy feel in the mouth.

    Haven't had a chance to go back to try other items. If you do, let us know.

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    1. re: Chocomom

      The shredded pork (bi) is traditionally always dusted with rice powder. It's kind of like Brazilian farofa. I don't entirely care for either of them.

      1. re: Luther

        Thanks Luther, I would have never guessed it was rice wouldn't have been so bad if the pork skin was seasoned with some salt when they were cooking it. We ended up dipping into the nuoc cham 1) to wash off the powder and 2) to give it some flavor.

    2. Pho Countryside is a welcome relief...the new owners have renovated and cleaned the place up. Food is fresh and delicious and service is good. Thank goodness because I stopped eating there when it was Pho Yuen Dong since it was so utterly filthy. Glad to be back!

      1. Thanks Folks-

        We did go Friday night after a nice little side trip into the market--G-d I could spend 4 hours in there!

        I got Vietnamese salad with chicken--very tasty--dressing just a tad too sweet, but beautifully fresh and nice flavors. and beef Pho with brisket, fatty tendon, tendon and tripe. I did not notice too much/any of the regular tendon itself (my favorite) but it was very good.
        DC got springrolls, a beef/veg noodle dish and chicken pho. Liked it all-thought the noodle dish was ordinary.

        The important parts were is was good, very fresh, service was stellar and friendly--they really aimed to please, There seems to be a full bar. It's very clean.

        Still--I like the food at Pho So 1 in Randolph more and would drvive from Quincy for it.

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        1. re: SeaSide Tomato

          Have you been to Pho So 1 Randolph lately? We were there last week and was very disappointed.

          The beef pho was lacking in flavor and the crispy rice claypot was neither crispy not did the stirfried beef and veggies look like it had any flavor. They looked like it was boiled, some kind of sauce was added on the rice and the "boiled" beef and veggies was tossed on. We have this dish many times and this was an atrocity. Took time to get the waitress to let her know the issue. We explained to her that the dish was very bland and the beef and veggies are definitely not cooked like how it used to be. I'd explained how the dish used to look like and she said that they would redo it.

          Redo was still looking the same and the waitress said she don't understand what we wanted that that's the best they can do. Asked if they had a new cook and she said yes. At that point we asked for the bill. The manager gave us a dirty look. When Tammy the manager that worked there previously over a year ago the food was stellar and she made sure that staff knew what they were doing.

          I don't think now the food is as good as it used to be. This new manager is not as caring as previous one. We used to be regulars and after this visit we will be taking them out of our rotation.

          1. re: Chocomom

            Hmm...sorry to hear that-it has been couple of months.