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Mar 16, 2012 12:20 PM

what happened to unread posts?

I have checked in several times to my bookmarked link to unread posts. The list is blank indicating that I have seen all posts, but when I check into the general Chowhound site I find a number of posts that have come in since the last time I read any of the several lists I read daily. I have logged out and back on again, I have cleared the cache, but get the same blank list when I try to access unread posts. Wha's up???

PS: I am reading on Safari on an iMac if that makes a difference. Also tried accessing unread posts via Firefox with same result.

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  1. It's broken right now; there's a discussion of this here: For now, we'd recommend you access the boards via the main board URL rather than the unread posts URL. For example, for this board, instead of you'd want to view