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Mar 16, 2012 12:14 PM

Celebration of major life event (between Boston and Nashua)

A small very foodie group wants to celebrate a friend's upcoming major life event with dinner out this weekend (nothing like last minute plans!)

Any suggestions of some place amazing between Boston and Nashua?

Party includes foodies and a former professional chef who needs to be wowed. Typically, when we go out, his food comes out wrong (ever have a restaurant have to remake a steak _four_ times), and I'd like to avoid that.

Any cuisine is good and price is no object.

Thanks for your help!

- Garnet

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  1. Geographically speaking...

    Summer Winter - Burlington
    L'Andana - Burlington

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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        Summer Winter was my thought as well.

      2. I would ditch the whiner and just go for Korean in Burlington.

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