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Mar 16, 2012 11:29 AM

Dine In Brooklyn

Best Restaurants on the list or most value for your buck:


Also which restaurants do the special menu well: good options and not just basics.

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  1. While I can't speak directly to the menu for Dine In- I was very favorably impressed with Benchmark in Park Slope when we ate there recently - they have very good steak, and I note that they have a NY strip on the $25 menu...

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    1. re: David W

      Nina, I had the DIB lunch at Stone Park Cafe yesterday, and it was great! Main course was choice of steak or slamon, and the lemon pudding-y cake dessert was DELICIOUS. I have had problems with Stone Park's attitude in the past, but the service couldn't have been nicer this time. Some other good choices are probably Applewood, Al Di La, Kiwiana, Moim and Palo Santo (all in Park Slope), River Cafe (DUMBO), James (Prospect Heights), and Aurora (W'burg). If you have tried any, please give us a report. :)

      1. re: parkslopemama

        Has anyone tried the RoseWater DIB menu?

        1. re: parkslopemama

          Going this evening, so I don't think I be much help since tomorrow is the last day.

          1. re: bobjbkln

            Rosewater, Dine in Brooklyn, Yes! Great meal, nice service. Nice choices. We had grilled calamari salad and a salad. A fried Polenta entrée and a roast port tenderloin main. The risotto fritters (with ice cream and blueberries) and lemon cheesecakes were really good desserts. All in all a great meal. They also had wine parings for $14 each, but we chose a bottle of Long Island Cider instead. All in all a real pleasure.

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              James, on Carlton Ave in Prospect Hts delivered on their menu as well. a fine fennel soup, kale salad with an egg, a very nice garganelli with pork and good skate wing with sunchokes - the desserts also, a lavender creme brulee and pot au chocolate. thoughtful wine advice. Much better than the last time we visited - its been a while, tho they are still serving their mains in huge unwieldy bowls. No reservations, but we got there at 730 and there was a table. Recommended, and we will be back for the regular menu.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Interesting, as we are preparing to go there this evening.

      2. re: David W

        Had DIB dinner on Sunday at Benchmark and it was very good. Large portion of NY strip plus choice of three appetizers - shrimp, lobster bisque or short rib - our party tried all three and everything was great. And no complaints about the desserts either, was totally stuffed after the meal, in a good way. There were a coupel other entree choices but we all had the steak. My first time there and I'll be back.

        1. re: sadarami

          River Cafe today was WONDERFUL! What a STEAL at only $20.12!! And the service was lovely. They did not treat us like the "poor relations" who show up there only during DIB (even though that's exactly what we were).

      3. And to beat all odds, Queen was great tonite. We had friends we hadn't seen in awhile and one of them suggested going there. We completely forgot about tonite still being Dine In Bklyn and agreed. We had had a terrible experience at Queen, a place we usually like, during a holiday once before and swore to never go back during any event. They had doubled the # of tables, rushed folks in/out, served nothing like their usual quality and I really got pissed off. Well, tonite was the extreme opposite. They served excellent apps, entrees and desserts for $25pp, had decent wine at low prices and were attentive and friendly. One of the best meals I've had there in years and all 6 of us ordered different items and loved it all. I'm still in shock.