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Mar 16, 2012 11:02 AM

The Oregon Club lately

Has anyone been to the Oregon Club recently? I'm wondering how it is?
Or Top Shelf?

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  1. I went to Oregon club about a month ago, for the second time. I particularly like it when the weather is good and you can sit outside (the first time we went was September and it was warm). But the inside is pleasant enough. The bartending was good for straightforward cocktails (they make a fine martini). The food isn't anything to write home about, but I like their signature mushroom soup. And the gorgonzola meatloaf was really yummy. My husband had the steak, and thought it was decent.

    Overall, its a nice place for straightforward, American standards. There's nothing special about it, and I wouldn't go out of my way to get there, but if you live out here its fine.

    1. We went and enjoyed mussels dijonaise, although the mussels were small in the shell (seasonal?) not plump which would have made the dish great. My striped bass was perfectly cooked, the brocolli uneven and I wasn't a huge fan of the black rice. Her cod with capers and lemon was picata like and delicious with spinach and rice. Tiramisu was the way it should be. Espressoey, creamy and delicious. Some French Pinot Gris and call it a success.

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        trufflehound, this is referring to Top Shelf? It doesn't sound like Oregon club. But it does sound good...I will definitely try it. thanks for posting.

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          Chinacat, we went to the Oregon Club. Striped Bass was a special, cod and mussels on the menu.

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            well,next time I go, I will definitely try the cod!

            I really do rather like the place. there's something so homey about the atmosphere. It strikes me as the kind of restaurant my parents would have liked 30 years ago.

        2. Enjoyed a nice streak dinner @ Oregon Club last summer. Prices are reasonable enough and it's quirky history and middle-of-nowhere location has appeal. Ate @ Top Shelf on Super Bowl Sunday evening, so it obviously wasn't crowded, but the meal was good and the table settings were attractive. Worth a return trip.