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Mar 16, 2012 10:49 AM

What R U trying to use up before Pesach?

I open the freezer and the cupboard and plan meals around what I find.

Here's what I found, and what I did:

1 box puff pastry turned ginger peach strudel

1 can coconut milk and 3 half-used and I full bag frozen mango turned into cold curried mango soup

about a pound of stewing lamb and a bag of frozen artichoke hearts, I slivered the artichoke hearts and some onions for a lamb and artichoke stew

Intrigued to hear what you are all doing with the stuff that you want to use before you refill the freezer/cupboards for the chag.

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  1. I feel like I'm in an episode of "Chopped!"

    1. After Purim, we start a "chametz box" in our house which we start with mishloach manot items we received. Any package on the pantry shelf that is open and contains chametz also goes into it. We have to use at least one item from the box for each meal. Kids think it is hilarious and invite their friends over to raid the box for items that I made them try and they didn't like (such as spinach flavored pasta and whole wheat pancake mix) so they don't have to eat it.

      1. This seems like a good place for me to go into my rant about the insanity that shalach manot has become. My mother (A"H) viewd Purim as a great opprtunity to use up a lot of chametz, and baked up a storm of yummy stuff to give away.
        That seems like a million years ago. I can't believe the HUGE quantities of chametz that people go out and buy, and that the recipients are stuck with, just 4 weeks before Pesach. It really is out of control. There are "Purim stores" all over Brooklyn (l'hevdel like the X-mas stores that open up for just a few weeks every November) for people to load up on shalach manos stuff, especially all manner of food snacks.

        I'm really not in any way a tree-hugging crunchy granola type. But the baal tashchit that results from this is so distasteful to me. I applaud you, Adina and Mameleh for the strong effort to use up the chametz, but in my case it means forcing my family to eat all manner of cookies and crackers because it seems so crazy to throw away perfectly edible food. I know, I know I could bring the food to various homeless shelters, and I do, but that's not the solution to the problem.

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          At least for sealed, hechshered products, we have a Tomchei Shabbos collection here in Queens, the Sunday after Purim. It helps get rid of a lot of stuff.

        2. We eat a lot of "freezer surprise" whatever package I happen to grab becomes dinner. Anything I don't think we are going to eat goes into the food box. Any frozen food we don't eat goest to a nearby soup kitchen.