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Mar 16, 2012 10:36 AM

He's Baaack! Where have you seen Bourdain in town?

He's posting up a storm. So far, he's hit El Taco Rico for a breakfast of Enchiladas con Guilota and what looks like barbacoa, and a crawdad boil for lunch.
I know he has his fans here in Austin. He was seen having drinks with the band Ume at Hotel Vegas about 5 minutes ago - free show with lots of great music.

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  1. From tweets from him and his staff looks like they've been to Franklin BBQ, Frank, had Mexican Martinis (hard to tell from the pics, but looks like Trudy's), and a crawfish boil at somebody's home with band The Sleigh Bells, and Austin Beer Works. I'd definitely watch the Austin episode to see what he covered here.

    1. He spoke at SXSW this year, so probably not filming a show (unless someone knows otherwise), just enjoying some grub. Although why he's going to Frank, I have no idea. ;)

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        No, definitely filming/filmed an episode. I'm sure his SX talk is incorporated in some way, just as his book tours or other speaking engagements have been parts of past eps. He had his full travel channel crew in tow. Also, locales for the upcoming season have long since been announced, with Austin on the list.

      2. He was at JMueller BBQ this morning. He sat at the table I was eating at. A producer came by beforehand and told everyone at the table that they would likely be on in the background of the show, and for sake of the show's continuity, they had to stay at the table and be prepared to be there for 1.5 to 2 hours.

        Bourdain arrived, stood in line with everyone else, and then sat down and ate while talking to some dude in a red "BBQ" shirt. All this while three cameras filmed his every bite.

        1. He filmed an interview with Alan from Neon Indian at lala's.

          1. He did an interview with The Sword and tried their hot sauce.