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Mar 16, 2012 10:20 AM

Azerbaijani-Iranian food

Does anyone know of an Iranian restaurant that specializes in Azerbaijani or "Iranian-Turkish" food? I did 2 years as Peace Corps in Azerbaijan proper and so am familiar with the few places in the city that do "North Azeri" but was always interested in what the South had to offer. Particularly after reading this article: http://azer.com/aiweb/categories/maga...

comparing the way that Russian and eventually soviet influence fundamentally changed the cuisine.

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  1. From your comment I assume you're familiar with Azerbaijan Grill in Westbury Long Island. Not sure where it falls on the North-South divide but I did think it was quite good.

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      when is the last time you ate there..haven't been there in a very long time--used to like it and then had 2 so so meals..and hadn't returned...much prefered Ravaugh for Persian in Roslyn on willis ave..they've got a great lunch deal...

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        Had a few meals at Azer. Grill the most recent being about a year ago. Enjoyed them both overall though I'd agree it's nothing extraordinary. Look forward to trying Ravagh at the next opportunity. Sounds promising.

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          I don't knowing about Azerbaijani food but we enjoy Ravagh for Persian. I've been to the one on LI and one of the Manhattan locations as well as Persepolis in Manhattan and we've enjoyed them all!

      2. I haven't had this type of cuisine in quite some time, but you might want to see what offerings they have in Manhattan. Most of the restaurants are nestled around the 30's and Madison Ave IIRC (near the rug merchants, of course).

        1. My husband's family is ethnic Azeri split between Azerbaijan and northern Iran. When the family goes out, they favour Persian, Azeri or Turkish restaurants - I haven't ever seen a restaurant that focuses specifically on Iranian Azeri food, only home cooking. (An interesting note - all the ex-Soviets speak fluent Turkish but only the older Iranians do!)

          You might try posting this in Home Cooking forum - M. Ghanoonparvar's cookbook has a second volume that focuses on regional Iranian food with many Tabrizi and Azeri recipes.

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            Good tip on the cook book. I'll look into it.