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Paderno Fusion 5 made in PEI - where buy on sale? (GTA)

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Hi friends - I need a set of these on sale if you know when and/or where!

These cookware sets seem very similar to the Scanpan Fusion 5 pieces I bought years ago. Fully clad, lightweight and budget-friendly. Rolled edges, and very effective if not perfect cookware.

I know the Paderno PEI-made Fusion 5 sets may go on deep discount sometimes, so any leads? Mother's day? I know NOT to expect Mauviel, All Clad or similar, that's not really what I'm asking. Thanks!

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  1. I bought the 11 piece set on Costco.ca @$239 last week but the price is now $339. Free shipping.


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      Thx!! That looks like a door-crasher on the 11pc, is that insanely low $229 price repeatable or should I just go for the $339 deal (with a friend's help buying me a gift card, of course!)

      Are Mothers Day sales likely to repeat the 229 deal? Or what ballpark price do you predict?

      At 229 the whole set is almost cheaper than burning one AllClad pot (something I've done.)

    2. There are sales usually before Mother's Day & Christmas (Nov). Please call Home Hardware and ask if they know the exact date of coming sales. You may also want to check the Cookstown Outlet. Home Sense is another option but you'll need to come in and see their stock in person.

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        Thanks both of you, I can wait until late April if the Mothers Day Sale is imminent & will check those outlets.

      2. Just an update - the 11-pc COSTCO set on the website now has the single-layer steel steaming basket IN PLACE OF the 4-litre Saute pan shown in the picture. They changed the description, but if you order the set expecting what's in the picture they will instead ship you the 'new and improved' set, WITHOUT the valuable 4-litre sauté in 5-ply stainless. I was dreaming about using that Saute pan!

        So asI don't need the steamer or non-stick 10" skillet, I returned my disappointing purchase to LostCo way out in Etobicoke. I also phoned and told Paderno they have the wrong item set picture up at Costco, and the woman who fills the actual orders was completely unsympathetic and did nothing to fix the problem for me, or fix Coscto's wrong website picture (misleading info must be good for business.)

        I bought the 8-piece set of amazon.ca for 239.00 - 100 dollars cheaper than the 11-piece Costco sells. If you look at price watch the 8-piece goes on sale for far less in the months after Christmas. Maybe 160 dollars on Amazon will get you the most essential and useful pieces of the CostCo11-piece at half the web price (you still get 3 saucepans and one dutch oven plus lids.)

        Because do you really want to pay double just s you can get a steamer basket and a 5-layer non-stick pan (who buys non-stick in five layer anyway, waste of nice metallurgy. Buy a nice thick Lagostina aluminum on sale at CanTire for 30 bucks for cooking your omelettes and french toast - if you heat them with care they last a long time, and are less of a waste to toss & replace if you ned to.