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Mar 16, 2012 08:58 AM

A trip too safe?

An upcoming trip will leave me in PDX for four days, staying downtown. Below is the itinerary, but I'm worried it's too safe/dull? Thoughts on additions/substitutions? Any updates on the spots below?

General desires tend toward Asian/ethic and cocktails/beer, not necessarily at the same venue. Also a great affinity for restaurants where two can sit at a fun bar. Thanks in advance, and thanks for the input on the previous posts, which helped build this list.

Day 1 happy hour, Clyde Common
Day 1 dinner, Park Kitchen

Day 2 coffee, Public Domain
Day 2 happy hour, Kask
Day 2 dinner, Ping

Day 3 breakfast, Detour Café
Day 3 coffee, Oblique and/or Heart Coffee
Day 3 lunch, food carts
Day 3 happy hour, Bailey's Taproom or Teardrop
Day 3 dinner, Saucebox

Day 4 lunch, Olympic Provisions
Day 4 coffee, Water Avenue and/or Cellar Door
Day 4 dinner, Whiskey Soda Lounge

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  1. I haven't been - but LucLac (viet) seems as if it would be worth checking out downtown.

    Chiang Mai on Hawthorne is my favorite place right now.

    Aviary is another place that I really want to check out that might suit your interests.

    1. I think that's generally a good lineup.

      Saucebox isn't really what it used to be. If you're looking for that kind of modern-/pan-Asian thing downtown, you might be better at Departure -- though I wouldn't go on a Friday or Saturday night. LucLac won't blow you away if you usually eat good Vietnamese food, but it's still solid, and the cocktails are excellent - I actually like it more as a bar.

      Oblique is a good neighborhood coffee shop but I wouldn't bother travelling that far for it when there are so many roasters as good or better in or near downtown. Heart is very good, though also a bit further away. Closer is Sterling/Coffeehouse NW, Courier, Coava and, yes, Stumptown. Definitely Water Ave over Cellar Door.

      Other Asiany places worth checking out: Wafu, Aviary and (with the caveat that I haven't eaten there but both menus look great) Smallwares and Bollywood Theater.

      1. I would ditch Saucebox. I love eating at the bar at Oven & Shaker - but it's not Asian (Pizza and great cocktails).

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          Thanks for the responses. Lean toward Asian but not exclusively. Think I'll drop Saucebox for Oven & Shaker. Looks like a great place! Excited to spend some time in your city, thanks for the advice.