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Mar 16, 2012 08:37 AM

Union Social Eatery - Mississauga - any comments?

Has anyone tried this place?

I have a friend looking to take a client for a nice business lunch and they were considering it.

No threads here from what I can see...

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  1. They have a lot of good feedback on Bookface.

    I haven't been by to try it yet but it is on my list as I work in the area.

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      I finally had a chance to visit Union this week. We arrived at 12:15 and it was packed. The place is quite loud and busy at lunchtime so it might not be the best place to take a client for a nice business lunch.

      The food is pretty good. I had the chicken/sausage/bacon flatbread and enjoyed it, although it's not a very big meal for those with larger appetites. Probably best to pair it with an app or salad. My co-worker had the epic cheeseburger with fries and he really enjoyed it.

      Two meals, pop and a pint of beer came out to ~$40 with tax and tip.

      I'd go back, as there are a lot of things on the menu I'd like to try out.

      1. re: 13inches

        Oh man, I did a search for union social, but came up with nothing. I just started a thread for it. Solid restaurant.

    2. Haven't been there myself yet but I work in the area and several co-workers have gone there and continue to go back. I've heard food is good but the only con is that it gets loud and busy as pointed out in an earlier post. Going at 11:30am seems to help the problem a bit.

      1. I've been here twice now and though I will say it's better than the average restaurant in the area, it is also much more expensive. Both times my own bill was $20+ (no alcohol) and that's a bit much for a run of the mill lunch for the work day.

        The atmosphere is great though and the service is very good and attentive. I can't complain there. If anything, it's a great social drinking atmosphere for after work. Probably one of the best in the area. The food was decent and solid but not 'wow'. Flatbreads toppings are few and far between. I wouldn't recommend those. Ace High Club is decent and it comes with a large amount of shoe string fries. The toppings were fresh. The fries are not great ... mine were a tad overcooked. Grilled Dijon salmon was ok as well. Nicely grilled (not dry) but portion was a bit on the smaller side versus Walker's or Lucy's (both seafood restaurant in the area).

        1. Me and the girlfriend finally tried this place today after passing it so many times, or usually opting for El Sombrero in the same plaza...

          we stopped in for a few drinks last night before going today, because we were on the patio at the Drake having pints and decided to walk in for a few more and to view the menu. We didn't try the food last night but the manager working (John I think) was pretty helpful and informative telling us that they make practically everything in house, they only have a tiny freezer and no microwave and the only thing frozen is ice cream. They cut all the steaks there, grind their meat blend with different cuts, homemade frites etc. which all sounded really good in theory so that's why we went for a hangover curing lunch today

          It's pretty nice inside, everything is dark brown and wood grains and has a bit of an upscale feel to it. Every waitress is practically popping out of their shirts and wearing tons of makeup which is good eye candy I suppose..

          The drinks are quite expensive, especially the pints, many which are $7.30 or more each, but to be fair they do have a drink special most days of the week.. (They have a $5 domestic pint day which sounds about perfect to me)

          We each ordered one of the burgers (Smokehouse for me, Mushroom melt for her) which comes with shoestring fries and added a caesar salad to start..

          The caesar salad was way too small of a portion, underdressed, and the lettuce was warm which we both agreed would definitely not order again. Just very very pedestrian IMO.. The burgers however are delicious and boasted as ground in-house, and the fries are very skinny shoestring variety and fresh cut, very crispy and delicious. The burger and fries were $11.99 and would definitely order again, but we forgot to ask for it only cooked to medium so there was no pink in ours unfortunately. But they will cook to medium

          We will return but will be avoiding the caesar salad for sure.

          I'll try their Steak Frites entree next time because the fries are definitely worthy of the dish. Would definitely eat at this place over the Drake & Firkin or Boston Pizza which shares the same plaza

          It's not cheap and our bills were a lot more than expected due to our screw up on ordering the caesar salad, but I don't mind $11.99 for a really good burger and fries. That's not bad at all to me