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Mar 16, 2012 08:21 AM

Washington Heights style cold cuts

Does anyone know if there are any sources for cold cuts ( Kosher) like the types that used to be sold in washington heights?

If not does anyone know of the recipees and directions on how to make these cold cuts?

They used to sell them in the Washington Heights Breuer's butchers , but they are all out of business now.

I really miss those cold cuts/ turkey roll etc..

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  1. How were these cold cuts different from all other cold cuts?

    Were they a German or Hessian style of curing meat? Perhaps you could describe them? More sugar, perhaps, like the Pennsylvania Deutsch balogna?

    1. There was a thread about this on this board in the last couple of years, unfortunately the German style kosher deli we remember is no longer available in this country. I assume you are remembering things such as Metwurst and Aufshnitt.

      Even in the Non-Glatt world with the closing of Bests in Chicago Kosher Thuringer and summer sausage disappeared.

      Occasionally, I have found aufshnitt (but not Metwurst) in Montreal. But it was only in Vienna or Berlin that I have had kosher Metwurst in the last 10 years. I also miss Turkey roll, the choice turkey sandwich deli of my youth. Not as healthy as turkey breast, but far more flavorful and moist.

      There is mention on this board of the new restaurant coming in Philadelphia. As they will be making Kosher European Charcuterie, perhaps some of these old German style wursts will show up.

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        1. re: hanistor

          Agreed -Wasserman & Lemberger is the only butcher that still make Aufschnitz & flavored Salami - I went to Yeshiva in Balto and remember the original owners- Truly the same recipies --Glatt Mart in Brooklyn might bring in product --they both have Star K
          & for those of you who remember "Schilds" in W H the all time best deli

          1. re: caterman

            is wasserman & lemberger similar to Schilds aufshnit?

            I would hate to travwel all the way to Baltimore and be totally disappointed.

            1. re: jjsmd

              A number of years ago it was available in Brooklyn. I think at glatt mart. It tasted really good. Later I thought perhaps it was the memory of the aufschnitt of my youth that caused me to really like the w and s. Check and see who carries it in Brooklyn if that is closer.

          2. re: hanistor

            I've had their aufshnitt and don't find it to be the same as in Washington Heights of yesteryear. But, Svitzer Deutsch is NOT the same as German........

            Also, no Metwurst. sigh..............

            1. re: bagelman01

              I believe you can get the aufshnit in Rockland Kosher in Monsey. I know they have a large variety of sausages. I do think I've seen the Aufsnit there.

              1. re: bagelman01

                Mettwurst, by definition, is a pork sausage. methinks you will not find this in any kosher butcher...


                1. re: hanistor

                  used to be able to get Kosher version made with veal