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Where to stay within walking distance to restaurants?


Visiting next weekend with a friend, and we would prefer to avoid car rental. We're both avid foodies, so we want to stay somewhere within walking distance to excellent foods. I'll review older posts for restaurant selections, but can anyone suggest a part of town to begin my hotel search? Is it ALL on Bourbon St.? ;)

Thanks all,


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  1. To be centrally located close to restaurants and transportation to more restaurants, I would suggest something on Canal (Doubletree, Marriott, Astor, etc) From there you can catch the streetcar up Canal or down St Charles. Withing the French Quarter/CBD area there is a plethora of eating establishments.

    1. I know a man who bids on Priceline for (I think) a two star in teh Central Business District and always gets a great rate at the DeSoto (now operating under the pirate name Le Pavillon). A few blocks from the Quarter and only a short stumble to the streecar tracks.

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      1. We love Harrah's, our favorite hotel in NO. We used to stay at the Crowne Plaza until an incident with our vehicle and since you won't have a vehicle, that would be worth looking into. It's been several years since we've stayed there so I'm not sure how it's been lately.

        1. Is it all on Bourbon Street? NO. No it is not. Except for Galatoire's and Lafitte's Tavern (which is far enough away from Canal to be in a fairly sedate block of Bourbon) there is no reason to go on to Bourbon Street ever. <shudder>

          That's just me though, Bourbon St. grosses me out and it pains me that it's so emblematic of this amazing city.

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            I agree. If it weren't for Galatoire's we'd never be on Bourbon St. Even when we stayed at the Crowne Plaza, we always avoided it unless going to Gal's.

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              Couldn't agree more! Shout it from the rooftops!

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                don't forget traditional Dixie music at Fritzel's. personally I think Lafitte's blacksmith shop's best days are behind it… It used to be really special place, but now it's packed with frat boys, has a terrible and loud jukebox, and just slings out overpriced drinks.

                tho I concur, the only real foodie food on Bourbon Street is Galatoire's.

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                  ditto Lafites. I also remember when...

              2. Somewhere in the CBD or warehouse district would be best, so you can walk into the quarter if you need to. Harrah's would be good. The Lowe's is another nice option. Queen and Crescent and International House are decent, cheaper options. Anything on St. Charles would be ok so you can get on the streetcar easily. That said, we're talking about a matter of blocks, not miles, so anything in that area will be fine. Most good restaurants are in the cbd/warehouse district and uptown. There are some gems in the FQ, but not many.

                1. I would stay more in the central part of the FQ if possible. Place D Arme's, Royal Sonesta, Monteleone, St. Marie, Le Marais and Royal Orleans are great choices close to some fine dining.

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                    I hacen't stayed in a local hotel since rebuilding but we did stay in several at the time. The Monteleone and Royal Sonesta's rooms were small and sorely in need of refurbishing. W French Quarter showed wear and offered little in the way of ameneties found in larger properties. Lowes had the most modern, largest rooms offering great window views but no balconies. The Swizzle Stick is in the lobby. I like the Royal Orleans for it's New Orleans feel and central quarter location. Don't bother with the Bourbon Orleans. Sadly, the Ritz did not reopen until after our house was done.

                  2. We stayed at the Pere Marquette in the CBD. From there, we walked to Luke's, to several places in the Quarter (breakfast at Stella's, lunch at Napoleon House, dinner at Bayona), and if the weather had been milder when when visited in early December, we would have walked to the places we ate in the Warehouse District (Cochon and Emeril's).

                    1. I find the Ritz-Carlton on Canal, to be ideally located.

                      The entire FQ is out the back door, and the CBD is but a couple of blocks up-river. The Warehouse district in also a few blocks away, and the streetcar runs right out front. Much of the City is within reach, and the rooms and service are excellent.



                      1. Hi all,

                        We're at Le Pavillon, and it's fabulous. Having a blast, headed to the Road Food Festival. Thanks for the suggestions!



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