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Mar 16, 2012 07:42 AM

A Guideline Change: Local Stories to Local Boards

Since we established a Food Media and News board (FMN), we have had a policy in place to move discussion of local critics, local food stories, etc., to that board, leaving a pointer on the appropriate local board. As many users have pointed out over the years, that made it hard for those discussions to gain traction, because they weren’t as visible to the people who would be interested in them. In the past, we elected to keep those discussions on FMN, out of a desire to keep the local boards narrowly focused on finding local food. But we no longer think that’s the best path for purely local food news issues because moving them away from local boards has, more and more, been the kiss of death for those threads, particularly as discussion of food-oriented television shows has become a very active topic on FMN.

Given that, we’re going to start allowing local food-related news stories and food media discussions on local boards, rather than moving them to FMN.

We’d ask that people keep a couple of things in mind with this change:
- Politics are still off topic. It’s fine to discuss things like changes in rules governing food trucks in your region, but if that conversation gets to be about the politicians and politics instead of the food trucks and how the rules will affect them, it’s off topic.
- Health department discussion rules ( ) still apply.
- Our rules for insiders ( ) still apply, even if the discussion is about local food blogs, and you are both a blogger and a hound. You may not recommend your or your friends’ food blogs. You also may not defend your blog outside the realm of what we allow for business insiders if people comment on it.
- Please don’t derail food-focused threads with news/media discussions. If there’s a thread about restaurant it’s fine to post a link to a review from a local critic, but if the followup discussion becomes about the critic instead of about the restaurant, please take it to a new thread, or flag it so that we can split it out to a new thread.

We don’t plan to do a mass move of local threads back to local boards, but if there is a currently active local discussion happening on Food Media and News, please flag it for our attention, and we will move it back to the appropriate board.

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  1. Thanks for listening! I think this change will make a great many very happy!

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      1. Just wanted to give you and TPTB a big THANK YOU for listening.
        this will be good for the boards.

        1. +5

          I think this is a good thing.

          1. The food blogging guideline is very helpful and clearly needed in CH. I just hope CHOW will find a new vehicle for highlighting food bloggers that does work because there is tremendous value in food blog material.