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Mar 16, 2012 07:38 AM

La Cage aux Food, AKA, Vitae

Vitae, an elegant new eatery on East 46th Street, should become a new clubhouse for the media elite (it's a stone's throw from NBC). Unlike other clubhouses (Michael's) where the food is overpriced and uninspired, Vitae is plating some of the best American food in midtown. Clean flavors dominate an inspired menu (scallops with cauliflower in a vibrant curry sauce/ethereal housemade pastas/chilled pea soup with lobster). Service is still a bit disorganized, but the setting (a caged affair with abundant space and flattering lighting) is perfect for deal-making or making out (check out the intriguing balcony).

4 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017

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  1. Thanks! I may go there tonight. The menu looks pretty safe though, nothing terribly adventurous or unique. Other than the scallops, what else did you enjoy?

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      The lamb is sensational...And last night's amuse, a cup of celery soup with caviar and a mini taco, was quite tasty. The food is fresh, full of flavor and beautifully plated. Enjoy.

      1. Just been for dinner and got the chef's tasting menu so I could get a good feel of the restaurant's offering.

        Everything was extraordinarily well executed and delicious. The special standouts from my meal were the Pulled Pork Taco, Roasted Duck Breast, and the Apple Tart Tatin. So fantastic and satisfying.

        The space is indeed very attractive and the location convenient. There are a large number of high-powered corporations in this area. The restaurant should benefit greatly from the business lunches.

        Photos of my meal:

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          Thanks for the beautiful photos. And so happy you enjoyed this place. For a newcomer, they truly have their act together.