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Jun 11, 2002 01:20 PM

Coastal Eating from San Francisco to Vancouver

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We're planning a leisurely trip along Calif 1 and US 101 from San Francisco to Vancouver, with no firm overnight stops. Hey northern Chowhounds, tell us whereto eat!

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  1. Are you going to Vancouver WA, or Vancouver B.C. ?

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    1. re: curtA

      Jake's seafood in Portland but be carefull there is a Jake's Steak and Chop resturant in the same neighborhood and I thought it was a rip off. Sauces too thick and overbearing and everything was generally too expensive.

      1. re: Robert
        Zach Georgopoulos

        Do you mean Jake's Famous Crawfish? Excellent etoufe (sp?).

        1. re: Zach Georgopoulos

          Yep, that's the place. Great fried razor clams and great oyster bar.

      2. re: curtA

        Vancouver, B.C.,not Washington

      3. OK, my suggestions are kind of campy, but they suit the roadtrip mood:

        Eureka- Samoa Cookhouse
        79 Cookhouse Lane
        Eureka (actually Samoa)
        Ca 95501. (707)442-1659
        Family style dining with a changing menu. You choose between two entrees, and it comes with soup, salad and bread. Pie extra. Last of the loggers' cookhouses, complete with a museum. Cool atmosphere, decent chow, and a unique experience. Like a living museum where you get to eat.

        Tillamook- Tillamook Cheese Factory Cafe.
        4175 Highway 101 North
        Tillamook, Oregon 97141
        After touring the creamery, you can dine in the cafe which showcases Tillamook products. Not for the lactose intolerant.

        Bon Voyage!

        1. z
          Zach Georgopoulos

          This is still pretty close to your starting point, but depending on what time of day you leave, you might be peckish when you reach Marshall near Tomales Bay. Stop at Tony's for barbecued oysters and other great seafood dishes. Marshall pretty much consists of Tony's and some docked boats, and is on Hwy. 1 some time after Olema. Can't miss it.


          1. There is a small chain of seafood places along the Oregon coast called Mo's that used to be quite good and reasonably priced but I have not tried one in several years.