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Mar 16, 2012 06:05 AM

Barcelona Saturday Night Can't Miss

My wife and I are going out to eat tomorrow night (Saturday) which is a rarity for us with a 19 mos. toddler and a sibling on the way. Mother-in-law is playing babysitter. I'm in the mood for something like Taktiki Berri in the Eixample which is a family-run Basque pintxos bar slash restaurant. Informal, easy, fun, and delicious - I always have a good time there. I ate recently at Bar CaƱete in El Raval which was quite good. We were planning to go to Santa Maria in El Born to try their tasting menu but it's closed this weekend for renovations. One place I think my wife would love because she's a dessert freak is Espai Sucre, although I wish it were cheaper at least for me to tag along. Basically, just looking for a can't miss recommendation that will sweep my wife off her feet for one night. She deserves it and I would like to go somewhere that neither of us have tried. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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