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Mar 16, 2012 04:50 AM


Can you suggest where to purchase interesting honey in Rome and Florence? Thank you.

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  1. I find the farmers markets (san teodoro and ex-mattatoio) have many stalls with local honey of a wide variety (chestnut, forest, wild flowers, etc....)

    1. I agree with vinoroma about farmer's markets, where the honey may also be cheaper than what I am about to recommend which is specialty stores like Volpetti, which have some of the wonderful more unusual honeys like corbezzolo which has a bitter flavor that makes it pair excellently with cheese. Since this is mainly a Sardinian product, I believe it might be findable at a Sardinian store - maybe at the Enoteca on via Pigna near the Pantheon.

      1. RE honey & Florence, the best selection is in a shop on either Ricasoli Cavour, between the Duomo and San Marco (sorry for the vagueness of location). Several stalls/shops in Mercato Centrale have good selections as does the gourmet store Pegna (Via del Studio,8).

        1. There is a great little honey store near the Trevi Fountain: Apicoltura, Via Della Dataria 93, Rome
          They have their own bees and process the honey themselves in Lazio.

          I like the honey from Torri Via dell'Agnolo 101r, Florence. Again, this is honey made out in the countryside and sold directly in town by the farm owners. Also, Pegna in Florence.