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Mar 16, 2012 12:12 AM

Abigaile in Hermosa

Ate there a couple of Sundays ago. This isn't a review but rather a report. 5 of us ate, and everything but the lamb sliders were impressive. The lamb was dry and mealy -- I would add a touch of pork fat to add moisture and mellow the flavor. The menu is well thought out.

I know Sunday is not a good restaurant night, but the service was spotty. I would imagine that the "A Team" is better.

I'd love to hear about what others have experienced.

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  1. Anyone been recently? Thoughts?

    1. Anyone, anyone? Anyone been recently?

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      1. re: Obessed

        About a month and a half ago, but had a very good meal. Service is sometimes shaky, but food is usually very good.

      2. I'm going Wednesday, looking forward to it, has anyone been recently?