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Mar 16, 2012 12:03 AM

New meaning of "juicing".

Has anyone started juicing. If so, what is your favorite recipe and what are your thoughts about it,

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  1. My friend juices and I am the beneficiary. I'll have to ask him about the details but boy does he go through the organic carrots.
    I used to read the sunday funnies and there was a very eccentric one called The Strange World of Mr. Mum. His adventures almost always ended with a visit to the juice bar so I am thrilled to find out how smart that guy was!
    If you try it be careful, it can be addicting. Half a glass and I feel instantly better and energized. Perfect for getting through a difficult task when you start to fade.
    The owner of the raw vegan cafe in my town is always telling people to add not subtract. I think some of the trouble is when people go on a juice fast. I hate it when they get all cutesy and call it a juice feast. Don't get me started with that and "uncooking". Grrr. I'd advise taking it slow and just adding a cup or two of juice to your daily diet and see how your body reacts.
    I live in the NE and spring is just starting here. When the weather gets warmer I may have to add a second refrigerator. Beats me where it's gonna go but all that produce is bulky and I don't want to lose food to the heat and fruit flies. And shopping daily is a bad idea for me.
    As always, the devil is in the details, but I think it's worth it for the health benefits and instant mood boost.

    1. I worked in a juice bar years ago and served the recreational to the hardcore. A few of the hardcore juicers looked jaundice due to extremely high intake of carrot juice.

      Like anything, moderation. Depending on the components you can dump a lot of sugar into your system fast - often not a good thing. Those relying on juice to increase their intake of fruit/veg are missing much of the health value derived from the fiber.

      That said, I like an occasional juice. My favorite is:

      3 medium beets
      2 medium carrots
      1 small apple or pear
      half a bunch of parsley
      a chunk of ginger to taste

      serves one!

      (I choose smaller items which fit my juicers feed chute to eliminate chopping)

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        Years ago there was an orange guy on the U.C. Berkeley campus. He dressed all in orange, had orange hair and gave away oranges. He, too, looked jaundiced from all the juice. As a kid I was scared of him. But as you say, everything in moderation.

      2. Carrots, celery and cucumbers. Yum!

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          Carrots, celery, and granny smith apple, DH did the same with sweet apples. OMG was that good, haven't juiced for a long time, might have to get the ingredients and do it again. Yum.