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Mar 15, 2012 07:48 PM

London - Olympic Park

Is there any good eats (restaurants, cafes, street food, whatever) near the Olympic Park within walking distance? I can't find any info at all!

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  1. In terms of things that already exist, no. Olympic Park has been constructed primarily on disused land. The buildings and stadiums erected are new, with little to no surrounding existing infrastructure. Depending on what venue you will be at, you may be relatively close to Stratford Westfield, a newish mall with food options ranging from food-court to restaurants. On the other side of the park you'll be closer to Hackney, but without knowing yet how long it will take to get back through security, it may not be worth the travel if you need to go back into a venue.

    I took a bus tour of the park earlier in the week and the current food options are burger trucks for the construction workers and the shell of what's to be the biggest operating McDonald's in either Europe or the World. The 2012 games has a food charter, giving strict rules about sustainability and local sourcing, however I believe that sponsors get an exemption.

    If you're asking more about places to go in the area because you're staying there, rather than just visiting events, people on the UK board will be able to recommend good food in the east and south east that will be more suitable for any free time that you have around any events that you have tickets for.

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      There are actually quite a few places nearby/very close (not on the park), and some really nice cafes within a walk (and of course there is Westfield which has an array of places. The View Tube is a great cafe with a brilliant view across the park and there are some nice pubs.
      Check out this website for some more options, all within walking distance

      1. re: pj26

        Yep - but I wanted more info about whether or not leaving the park is going to be an option for them.

        1. re: ultimatepotato

          Well at this point, they won't even be able to get on to the Olympic Park due to massive security. So 'near' has to be good enough!

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            if you go offsite, the foremans fish restaurant is pretty good. good luck getting a table though during the olympics. theres a franco manca in the westfield which is good for a quick eat.

        2. re: pj26

          the View Tube and Greenway look cool. But googlemaps indicates it is a 20 minute walk! And Westifield looks to be 25 minute walk. With 30-40 minutes each way, accounting for security, this is not looking promising for lunch.

          1. re: chowsue

            Where is your starting point? Obviously the park itself is pretty huge with a number of entrances. And the View Tube and Greenway is a pretty pleasant walk, is 20 minutes too long?

            1. re: pj26

              30 minutes there (with security) and 30 minutes back is too long for a lunch, yes.