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Mar 15, 2012 05:01 PM

NYC Hounds in DC!

Planning a trip to DC in April. I have no idea where to begin...can we start with the "don't misses" and "right nows"?

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  1. Help us by giving us some direction on what you're looking for. Cuisine? Neighborhood? Ambience? Price point? Or, to give us some perspective, what are your "don't misses" and "right nows" in NYC?

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    1. re: Dupont Dude

      I am actually open to all options, price points, and neighborhoods. Generally just looking for a place to begin my foodie research since I've heard so many good things about the dining scene in D.C. :)

      Off the top of my head, my right now list for NYC would include: Red Barn, Parm, Miss Lilys, Don Antonio which I am trying tomorrow and Tertulia which I am trying on Sunday :)!

      My don't miss list would include: ABC Kitchen, Ippudo and Ai Fiori

      1. re: lavendula

        "I've heard so many good things about the dining scene in D.C. :) "

        Really? Coming from NYC that's surprising. Anyways, the "don't miss" and "right nows":

        Little Serow
        Thai X-Ing
        Boundary Stone
        Restaurant Eve

        Haven't been to all of these, but they fit the bill.

        1. re: mdpilam

          Agreed. Good list I'd put Obelisk, Komi, Eve and Rasika at the top of that group.

          1. re: mdpilam

            I was trying to be nice and yes, I have heard that there are a few gems.

            1. re: mdpilam

              Good list. Would add Eola, Proof and Palena as don't misses too.

              1. re: mdpilam

                I had not heard of Boundary Stone and thought you meant Boundary Road. I then searched it and learned something new with great reviews... That being said, I'd add Boundary Road restaurant to your list...

                  1. re: mdpilam

                    great comprehensive list. but you forgot Ray's Hellsburger---the steakburger au poive with melted brie and a slice of Foie gras on brioche is fantastic

                    1. re: mdpilam

                      I've been to many of these and they are so good. I'd put Thai Xing at the top of your list. Gosh, it's just so good and definitely one of the more unique places in DC.

                1. James Beard Finalists:

                  Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic (D.C., DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA)
                  Cathal Armstrong, Restaurant Eve, Alexandria, VA
                  Johnny Monis, Komi, Washington, D.C.
                  Peter Pastan, Obelisk, Washington, D.C.
                  Maricel Presilla, Cucharamama, Hoboken, NJ
                  Vikram Sunderam, Rasika, Washington, D.C.

                  Best New Restaurant
                  A restaurant opened in 2011 that already displays excellence in food, beverage, and service and is likely to have a significant impact on the industry in years to come.

, San Francisco
Washington, D.C.

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                  1. re: woodleyparkhound

                    Thanks, I have a lot to work with here, much appreciated!

                    I already snagged a ressie at Rasika (albeit a late one)!

                    I'd love to try Fiola but the menu looks a little limited for me (being vegetarian). If it is as good as everyone is saying, I can try to make it work.

                    Blue Duck Tavern in our hotel is also supposed to be quite good from what I am hearing...

                    Getting excited!

                    1. re: lavendula

                      A vegetarian will do just as well to go to Bibiana for the artichokes (carciofi alla guida) and the lemon ricotta agnolotti.

                      1. re: Steve

                        Which of any of the recommended restaurants would be able to accommodate a 2 year old dining with us? I just found out about this addition ;) Would Equinox be an okay fit?

                        Also, does Obelisk have a website?

                        Komi seems amazing, haven't been able to get them on the phone. I wonder if they will cater to a vegetarian?

                        Eve looks fantastic as well (and vegetarian friendly!) but it is 20 minutes away from where we are staying :(

                        1. re: lavendula

                          Okay, have Blue Duck Tavern and Obelisk booked for dinner and Rasika for a lunch :)

                          Is Mourayo any good for a dining with a 2 year old option? We really don't have any great greek food in NYC, so it could be a good option if "chow approved", haha.

                          Also looking for great brunch options for Saturday?

                          1. re: lavendula

                            You should try Ethiopian while in DC. Ethiopic on H in the Atlas District is fabulous. They have a vegetarian combo that is wonderful and it's very kid-friendly. My 10 year old loves it.

                            1. re: lavendula

                              FWIW, Blue Duck Tavern does a nice Sat. brunch

                            2. re: lavendula

                              With a two year old in tow, I'd avoid almost all the above, esp. Eve, Komi, Fiola, and Citronelle. Blue Duck Tavern will be fine. Check out Bibiana, Estadio, and Mintwood Place (all three are busy, lots of hustle and bustle, especially the latter two) and New Heights. Mintwood is a little less veg than the others. Rays the Steaks and Rays to the Third are kid friendly, and do have veg options, and there's 2Amys (extremely kid friendy) for that brunch you're thinking about (pizza and fresh doughnuts, that's brunch, right?) . Komi will do a veg menu, but getting reservations is really difficult, and limited to tables of four.

                              Since you're staying in the west end, check out
                              * Greek Deli on 19th between L and M
                              * District Commons in Foggy Bottom
                              * District Kitchen (yeah, confusing) on Connecticut Ave near the Woodley Park Metro

                              1. re: crackers

                                Thanks! The two year old will only be joining us for 1 meal (whew!).

                                Next question - Obelisk or Fiola??

                                1. re: lavendula

                                  Totally different experiences. Obelisk is much smaller. More intimate setting and menu is entirely prix fixe. It's a fantastic meal -- allow 2 hours or so -- and I think it's the consistently best restaurant in the City (any cuisine). Dinner will be a series of great and interesting antipasti, a pasta course, and entree, cheese and dessert. Limited choices for the courses, but all consistently excellent with top notch ingrediaents and professional service. Fiola is bigger, more uneven, but more showy -- a bit more dinner as theater; more of a scene and more "see and be seen." Food at Fiola is good, and some is great, but it's much more inconsistent. Please don't take a two year old to Obelisk and think hard before taking a two year old to Fiola.

                                  1. re: lavendula

                                    Expensive or "expensiv"er? Both are great, although Obelisk never thrills with their mains. Pasta is Fiola's forte IMO. Great cocktails at Fiola, quirky wines at Obelisk. Formal and elegant at Fiola, casual and more homey at Obelisk but with formal service. Noisier at Fiola.

                                    1. re: lavendula

                                      I would go to Fiola, I think they are just doing amazing things right now, really well deserved James Beard nomination. And the staff are actually very nice and helpful. It's a great place. The pastas are great, really good duck preparation, great calamari and tartare appetizers, lots of good stuff.