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Mar 15, 2012 04:41 PM

Homemade Spam recipe

Yes, I'm talking about that lovely canned meat product. My flexitarian food ways are catching up to the comfort food of my childhood. I'd love to make a version using natural and organic meat sources, but I'm stumped of how to begin this recipe! I'm even open to vegetarian and vegan versions. How and where do I begin? Help, my fellow chow chows?

Thank you!

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  1. In Hawaii, there's a dish called porkhash (similar to sui mai) which is usually a steamed pork (and sometimes shrimp) mixture wrapped in a dumpling wrapper. I've had "porkhash" filling without the wrapper a few times in some upscale restaurants and it's reminded me (in a good way) of high-end homemade spam. Alan Wong does a really yummy unagi, foie gras porkhash... The usual downscale porkhash texture is more chunky than spam, but some of these higher-end versions are a lot more uniform and spam-like in texture.

    Maybe these will help get you on the right path?

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      Hmmm, helpful start. Toying with a combination of pork, chicken thigh and something ham-like in flavor AND I like the idea of a "hash". Much appreciated!

    2. Jeffrey Saad, host of United Tastes of America, just did a show on sausage, in which he visited a chef who made his own Spam like sausage. He doesn't give us a recipe, but you can get the idea of what goes into make such an item.

      1. This chef gives an idea of ingredients and handling, no quantities though.

        And vegan spam:
        (nothing wrong with this recipe, all good ingredients, but the end-product photo kinda pushes my Yuk button lol.)

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          All good suggestions. Thanks a lot.

          Interestingly, I had a late dinner at Animal on Friday night (my first time) and tasted their Moco Loco. Asked them the obvious question: do they make their own Spam. They don't, but the waiter responded that Alice Waters had eaten this same dish and had made the same inquiry and then gently admonished them (as a sage teacher would) to make their own! I'm hopeful this will be in the works and a new trend will follow soon... By the by, it was a fantastic meal except for one thing --- they should serve the bone marrow with a defibrillator... delicious!

          I'm encouraged to stay on course!