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Mar 15, 2012 04:34 PM

Pappy Van Winkle

I had given up looking for a bottle of the 20 year old reserve last year. I last weekii saw the tv show Justified and one of the bad guys ordered Pappy Van Winkle. Now I want to resume my quest to find a bottle. Can some one tell where I can find one around Philadelphia/Wilmington area.

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  1. My brother in Vermont flew to Kentucky to buy 2 cases. It certainly can't be obtained in PA with its antiquated State Store system.

    1. did you check their vendor page & contact (i.e. beg) the local distributors?

      i had to chuckle at that Justified scene because Pappy was a topic of recent discussion in our house. a few months ago after Dad passed away we were cleaning out the liquor cabinet in his office, and i discovered a long-forgotten *open* and partially empty bottle of 20-year-old PVW. it must have been sitting in there like that for at least 4 years, because he stopped drinking some time ago. my sister had never heard of it, and she was appalled when i told her what it was worth :) sigh. good-old Dad.

      1. I was actually rather surprised to hear him call it by the correct name - since earlier in the season I heard someone refer to '"Piper van Winkle", so I figured there had to be some sort of product placement issue. Perhaps they worked it out.

        1. When you find it, get a bottle for me as well.Been looking for a 23 year for way too long.

          1. It takes some effort to get these. The best time to get these is when they are released as they tend to get snapped up right away. There are two releases: spring and fall. If you follow the Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery on Facebook, they post when shipments are going out to different states. Different retailers handle it differently. Some use a lottery, some a mailing list and some just put them on the shelves. Start talking to your local retailer now and try to get on a list for Van Winkles.