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Pappy Van Winkle

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I had given up looking for a bottle of the 20 year old reserve last year. I last weekii saw the tv show Justified and one of the bad guys ordered Pappy Van Winkle. Now I want to resume my quest to find a bottle. Can some one tell where I can find one around Philadelphia/Wilmington area.

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  1. My brother in Vermont flew to Kentucky to buy 2 cases. It certainly can't be obtained in PA with its antiquated State Store system.

    1. did you check their vendor page & contact (i.e. beg) the local distributors?

      i had to chuckle at that Justified scene because Pappy was a topic of recent discussion in our house. a few months ago after Dad passed away we were cleaning out the liquor cabinet in his office, and i discovered a long-forgotten *open* and partially empty bottle of 20-year-old PVW. it must have been sitting in there like that for at least 4 years, because he stopped drinking some time ago. my sister had never heard of it, and she was appalled when i told her what it was worth :) sigh. good-old Dad.

      1. I was actually rather surprised to hear him call it by the correct name - since earlier in the season I heard someone refer to '"Piper van Winkle", so I figured there had to be some sort of product placement issue. Perhaps they worked it out.

        1. When you find it, get a bottle for me as well.Been looking for a 23 year for way too long.

          1. It takes some effort to get these. The best time to get these is when they are released as they tend to get snapped up right away. There are two releases: spring and fall. If you follow the Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery on Facebook, they post when shipments are going out to different states. Different retailers handle it differently. Some use a lottery, some a mailing list and some just put them on the shelves. Start talking to your local retailer now and try to get on a list for Van Winkles.

              1. Old Rip Van WInkle fb page has all the ship dates

                1. We had a late distribution here in New Jersey due to Sandy, but those who were patient were rewarded. Was able to get at least one of the whole "family".....10, 12, 15, 20, 23 and the rye. More than I can drink at this point, but wasn't sure when I would get another chance. I felt like a private investigator tracking it down with all the hush-hush stuff that goes along with it.

                  1. I would love to know what the agreement between PVW and the show or FX network is, here. The only reason it's even on my--and presumably a lot of other peoples' radar--is because of it's placement in the first season of Justified. The latest mention was way more obvious as an on purpose product placement.

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                      What I want to know is why they need product placement? They already can't keep their product on the shelves for more than 5 minutes, they could easily produce twice their current output and still sell out. Retailers and eBay resellers are making more money on the markup than the distiller is.

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                        I guess that's kind of what I was asking, too.

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                        i'm not sure it's an actual product placement. among the cognescenti, pappy has a distinction, earned or no. therefore, it makes a good bribe.

                        the show takes place in kentucky. doesn't it make sense they mention bourbon?

                        maybe one of the producers received a gift bottle. anyways, no need to look for some grand design.

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                          Actually, the whole marketing plan behind Pappy is to create scarcity so that they can jack the prices up every year. The placement of any product on TV is surely no accident.


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                            nice article, but it doesn't answer with any certainty about whether or not the pappy people were involved in that particular t.v. show.

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                          Hmmm tonight's episode has a quite blatant placement of Asom Broso Tequila, with the - uhh - interesting bottle.

                          I have the ~$30 Asom Broso platino and it is pretty decent. They do actually have versions that sell for up to $2500.


                        3. Am I correct in believing that this is the last year (or perhaps the next-to-the-last year) that they have any of the Stitzel-Weller juice left? Because if that's true, then here's my take on it...

                          The stuff was prized by bourbon drinkers for years before it became a well-publicized status symbol because the bourbon being put in the bottle was (in part) from a very well-regarded, but now closed, distillery. There was scarcity because eventually the SW stuff was going to run out. In the future though it's basically just going to be another Buffalo Trace product, and while it may a great BT product, it won't have the inherent unique history of being the last liquid vestiges being bottled from a now defunct distillery. Sooo, they need to make it into something that people buy just because of the label. Will the average bourbon geek shell out $400 for a bottle of BT juice? No, probably not, especially since there are many excellent wheaters out there. However, will the young tech millionaire or Hollywood starlet cough up that money to have the most fashionable brand adorn their home bar or reflect their bank account when ordering it in a bar? If it's made to appear exclusive enough, then you betcha.

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                            Good analysis. Only the 23 year old is pure Stitzel-Weller. The 2012 releases of the 15 and 20 included Stitzel-Weller whiskey but it was mixed with Buffalo Trace bourbon (and Bernheim whiskey in the 15). Eventually, the 23 will include BT bourbon as well, likely within the next two years. Presumably, the proportion of Stitzel-Weller in each bourbon will then decline until there is none left.

                          2. anyone know when the 15 / 23 yr release in AZ in this year?

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                              Van Winkle used to do two releases per year, one in the spring and one in the fall, but starting this year, they are moving to a single fall release, so don't expect any new Van Winkles until this fall.

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                                ahh ok, time to get on a waiting list it appears then