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Mar 15, 2012 03:39 PM

GREAT TASTING BBQ/Grill Caterers that service NW CHIcagoland!

I am in processing of planning hubby 50th birthday this June. Thought I might do it at banquet for nice dinner..but my I just got laid off...(pt job...but it still helped a lot) So now I need to switch gears...I have never done a pig roast or had a caterer grill at my house. Most ppl I know think pig roasts are I thought just great bbq, corn on cob. But I have no referrerals.....
Please help....

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  1. JD Kadds in Park Ridge. Brisket, pulled poke, and ribbies. This is real smoked q. Not just meat baked or grilled, and sauce put on it. Don't let the pizza/pasta/burger menu of the restaurant fool you. The guy's got a trailer smoker, and produces some fine brisket and pork products. I don't see brisket or pulled pork/ribs on their catering menu, but if you are interested, call and ask them.

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        Smoquebbq sounded good...but they are too expensive

        1. re: lesann1

          how many people? What's the budget?

          You could always go off grid and try to find something underground