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Mar 15, 2012 03:38 PM

Where to find sliced bread in Irvine that is similar in taste and texture to Australian sliced bread

I have recently moved to Irvine from Australia and am finding it difficult to find a sliced bread that isn't sweet. Are there any sliced bread around that are similar in taste and texture to sliced bread back home in Australia such as Tip Top?

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  1. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Australian sliced bread, but you might want to try the shokupan (Japanese sliced sandwich bread) from Mitsuwa Marketplace in Irvine to see whether it's a close approximation.

    1. I'm sorry, I'm unfamiliar with Australian bread, but the best selection of sliced bread is at Wholesome Choice on Michelson and Culver; you might take a look and see if anything strikes you.