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Mar 15, 2012 02:30 PM

Rte 30 between Paoli and Wayne

We drive by a number of places that look interesting, but have not seen much about them on this board. Here are a few where I would be delighted to hear what others have to say.

Tiramisu in Berwyn
Alfredo (located where the old Trattoria San Nicola was)

Any comments welcome (or referrals to old posts if I missed them).



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  1. I haven't been to any of them but thought I'd chime in on an event I heard about being held at Aneu. A party had been booked ahead and confirmed. When the guests began arriving, the staff knew nothing about them coming! The group had been previously given limited menus and had already ordered but that hadn't been passed along to anyone either. According to my friend, the staff did put them in the reserved room and gave them full menus. Since It was a large group of maybe 20? (not sure), it took a long time for the meals to arrive. After her telling me this part of the story, I forgot to ask how the food was. I guess if it had been really good, she would have told me as she is a foodie.

    Would also be interested in input on this or any of the other places

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      Thanks, cook. That story sure doesn't put Aneu in a good light. But then, so does the fact that no one has commented after a few days. The other two have the excuse of being very new.

    2. There's a reason you haven't heard of least I can say that about Aneu and Alfredo. I will be watching this thread to hear about Tiramisu though.

      Very boring....I know Aneu is really the old Meredith's, but I think Meredith's was better. I don't even remember what we ate at Aneu. Alfredo wasn't memorable either, I had a really good veal chop (it was a special), but overall I think San Nicola was a lot better. Have no desire to go back to either.

      1. I'd recommend skipping all three and trying Restaurant Alba (Malvern), Nectar (Berwyn) or Silverspoon Cafe (Wayne).

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          Somehow I'm not surprised by any of your responses. Any place worth going to shows up on these boards pretty fast. I am a big fan of both Alba and Nectar, and have only just heard of Silverspoon. We'll find it. Thanks, all, for your help.

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            I agree with your 3 choices, Nectar being my favorite restaurant now that Gilmores has bit the dust.
            However, having said that, I must give some stars to Tiramisu in Berwyn, a place I never heard of, where I was pleasantly surprised last night at the well prepared foods that graced our table.

            I always see veal piccata on Italian menus but rarely see chicken piccata. However, when I mentioned this to the waitperson he assured me that they would gladly substitute chicken piccata instead -- which was absolutely delicious -- and accompanied by well made brussels sprouts.

            It is a charming little place making parking a challenge but then, being from the area, you probably already know that. So the answer is probably to avoid Fridays and Saturdays.

            I am really pleased to have found this place. There are not enough Italian restaurants in the area worth talking about.
            This one is a decided plus and a BYOB to boot.
            Highly recommended.