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Mar 15, 2012 02:23 PM

Marina Farms closed due to fire.

I hadn't seen this on Chowhound before so I'm posting this news. Marina Farms suffered a fire recently and will be closed "until further notice." Very sad news.

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  1. I hope Go Veggie next door is OK. That place is one of my favorite spots but I rarely get to go b/c I'm never around there. The thing is with marina farms is i always found their fruit hit or miss. Used to eat their dried papaya all the time. I hope things work out OK.

    1. Oh wow. I was planning on going tonight on the way to the gym, but no longer needed to because I got produce near work. But still sad.

      I agree about sometimes being a hit or miss with some fruit, and I wish they had more organic berries and fuji apples. But they are a regular neighborhood stop for me and my husband.

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        I haven't been to Marina Farms lately, but I've noticed a couple mention of the place getting Temecula Tangerines (or Sweets). My sister bought some at some store in the south bay last year and they were very, very good. They were something like a jumbo sized satsuma. Loose skin and very sweet and juicy. I believe the season is short; like April/May. Guess I'll ask my sister where she found them last year. It sounds like they are harder to find than those Sumo mandarins.

      2. The original comment has been removed